What You Need To Know About Social Media Strategies & Time Management

Time Management

Just Starting?

It is important when you begin your journey into social media that you understand why you are going to dedicate your valuable time in this area, and begin with your end goals in mind.

We are all using social media for our business because it is a communication tool, this form of communication is convenient for our customers, and what is convenient for our customers is where you need to be. Keeping you “Top of Mind.”

You need to remove the stress of feeling left behind and slowly carry out one social media tool at a time. Get comfortable and then take on another. Find out where your customers are spending their time on-line. Each business is very individualistic and while Facebook works magic for some, Twitter just might be your answer. Realize you cannot do it all!

Make sure you only have one account for each network and if possible make it your name “Heather Clifford” . Yes some people have multiple accounts because their business requires it. KeepItSimpleSM

If you own your business consider using your staff members that are up and running on social media already to join in help promote the area, business and subjects of interests….once in a while they could tweet for you or add a post to your business page. It is even nice to ask them if they’d like to write a blog or two… customers that are really pleased with your service might want to write something as well…. but always remember to have some type of social media policy in place. (Social Media Governance Policies)

It is said that starting social media and then not following through, could be damaging for your business and reputation. This is why you need to schedule social media into your marketing each day. While it is low-cost, your time is valuable.

Getting started on social media does take many hours and dedication, but once up and running 30 -60 minutes a day is all you really need.

Time Table

  • 5 minutes to up date your business page on Facebook – Status Update
  • 5 minutes to send a Tweet
  • 5 minutes to up date LinkedIn
  • 15 minutes reading Feeds and engaging with your followers
  • Every week set aside 1 hour to write a blog 300-500 words (your blog could feed into your Facebook as a new Tab – it should upload to your website – and you could shorten the URL and send it out as a link on Twitter.

The Power of Cross Pollination

Give yourself a good six months to get up and running, tweaking areas and always adding new followers and Likes. Eventually you can add videos and other streams of marketing. Never stop your news letter and always be collecting e-mail addresses. Social Media does not replace Face to Face networking or other sources of marketing, it enhances them and keeps you top of mind for potential customers down the road. It is referral based marketing that works.

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