Has Anyone Ever Said – “There’s No One Like You”

Dr. Seuss

Dr. Seuss said it best in his book – Happy Birthday to You….. “There is no one youer than you”

Most of our decisions, thinking and beliefs have somehow been manipulated by our family members, the people we have spent most of our lives with, teachers, mentors and childhood friends … In fact we even take on characters in books, movies and television shows we have watched over and over… We have developed into what we have internalized, whether that is positive or negative.

Every single action and thought has brought us to where we are today. Every insignificant decision has landed you here.

Some minds have been developed much stronger, like Nelson Mandela who served 26 years in prison…. he never let go of his beliefs that the mind was within his power only and thus he nurtured his mind every day…mostly through visualization.

Each of us is unique, and thank goodness for that…. we wouldn’t appreciate all being the “Stepford Wives” now would we?

Social Media and Individualism

The funny thing about social media and using it for marketing is we have grown up in a sell to you mentality and the new technological group that invented social media has put a new spin on how we do business…especially the small business sector.

The new kids on the block are in control, and it might be advisable to take the time and figure this non-selling marketing out…I mean it has taken the world by storm.

Let’s Keep It Simple, you need to be:

Real – Authentic – Valuable – Transparent – Honest – Unique – Enjoyable – Interesting – The Authority

Do you fall under any of those categories? I bet you do, we all do. That is why social media can be a lot of fun…

You don’t walk right into a cocktail party and start selling your product… wow, you’d be asked to leave or you’d sit in the corner with no friends… what you do is have a genuine interest for the people there and strike up an inquisitive conversation, you listen… social media is very similar… it’s not a science… its human nature.

Two ears – one mouth

You As A Person

You are more than just a widget sales man… you’re a father or a mother, a sister, you volunteer at Rotary or on PAC… maybe you help at the soup kitchen or you are an avid bird watcher or an awesome tennis player…My point is your life is made up of many valuable aspects.. do you have a favorite wine or an excellent appetizer… do you read those exciting books about Knighthood?

I bet you are getting the point…

I don’t just write about social media, I write about life, my videos consist of instruction for social media and my favorite running trails, I take pictures of the mountains and ocean… my daughter having a guitar lesson… I intertwine my life with my business… because my business is me… and I am more than just Keep It Simple Social Media

Why not try letting the world read your sense of humour…. look at what you consider beautiful in your surroundings…. ask for fans to help in areas that you volunteer your time…. Take pictures and shoot videos, give links to awesome stories… share care and be aware… Social Media is all about being social and adding value. Most of all post with confidence and a light heart, listen, respond and think about the person behind the business.

“Be yourself – Everyone else is taken”


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