What Are Your Core Values?

Core Values are Important

Authentic Right?

If social media is all about being authentic and personable…caring, sharing, engaging and adding value to people’s lives… it makes perfect sense that you should understand and model your core values in your Status Updates, your Tweets, Blogs and Videos… I mean this is who you are…..

Do You Know What You Value Most?

Core Values can be anything from well over 100 different personal descriptive words..but most importantly a core value needs to represent who you are as a person…what is it you stand for and believe in…. meaningful words that guide your inner soul.

Core Values Here is a link for examples of core values

Recently I performed this task of diluting the many words that best describe the meaning of me….The first 20 words I selected stood out. I found the task relatively easy, but then you need to cut those words in half… and then half again… ending up with 5-6 Core Value Words. Dropping any word you’ve carefully selected feels wrong…you represent all those words, but that is not the point to the exercise…. You might find the same problem, all these words are who you are…somehow, somewhere…right?

Core Values - Heather


Now What?

Allow these words to always be a guide for you. You of course will have your own words and they might be similar and they might be quite different… that is what makes this world go round. Make a collage, or paint them on a mural, do something creative and put them up where you can see them daily….you’ll find glancing at your core values peaceful.

Determining Postings as a Business or as Yourself

You see….. your personal profile on Facebook is how you talk with all your friends…but isn’t your Business Page an extension of who you are as well… especially if you are a small business….switching the hat back and forth might get confusing for your customers.

With social media and the internet in general you need to always be careful of what you are saying and posting… pictures and videos included… remember how small the world has become.

If you use your core values to reflect upon before you post, it is a gentle reminder of the person you have grown into….it softens the approach and in your heart you will be smiling,  trust me… when you post on any social media site we know if you’re happy, sad or even MAD!

This exercise should be done with your team at the office too. There is your mission statement, core values, vision, your company model, the integrity behind the name… that includes who you are and all your employees… Make sure everyone knows what you stand for. Reiterate your core values as much as possible on all your marketing material… this includes social media… have fun…


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