Top Tips for News Feed Optimization on Facebook

Get Noticed on Facebook

Did You Know?

Wow – 90% of the people who Like your Fan Page or Business Page never go back to it, and we call them our Fans. The good news is they still receive your updates in their news feed every time you post and from there they can comment and interact with you. However there are over 30 billion pieces of content uploaded to Facebook every month – that is a lot of information to weed through – do you think your content is interesting enough to get noticed?

News Feed Optimization (NFO)

Don’t mix up Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with NFO the two are different. Facebook algorithms have something called Edgerank Formula… not that you need to understand the technical jargon but Edgerank has three components which should be noted:

  • Affinity – The relationship your fans have with your page, how much they interact with you
  • Weight – Every piece of content has a specific score, how much interaction does it receive
  • Recency – How recent was your post

How To Get Better Interaction With Your Fans

  • It ia said less is actually more when it comes to posting 2 -5 posts a day is best (ask your fans what they prefer and meet people in the middle)
  • Post between 10am – 4pm EST – Try evenings as well
  • Thursday’s and Friday’s have more interaction – Facebook Happiness Index
  • Don’t always post through Tweetdeck or Hootsuite – do it manually
  • Use full links and the article will appear for your fans to refer to
  •  Status update, you know “what’s on your mind” Once again less is more – under 80 characters (remember people are very busy and they scan through their news feed)

Here Is The Biggy

The number one way to improve interaction with your Fans is through your content, in this order of enjoyment:

  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Questions
  • Links
  • and your status update using less than eighty characters

You might have noticed I used the word interaction, this means posting, listening and interacting with your fans, not just in your own news feed but in your fans too. Social Media is about being social by sharing and adding value to people’s lives, so go on and LIKE someone today.

Special thank you to Mike Stelzner and Mari Smith who released a video today on NFO….


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