You Better Care What They Are Saying

Google Alerts

Google Alerts

Social Media is all about communicating and conversing with new and existing costumers…. tweeting, blogging and responding to comments… but sometimes people use social media to complain about products and service. You might not even be aware someone has said something about you. “It’s what you don’t know – that might hurt you”

We understand you have worked very hard over the years to build your reputation to be where it is today. You might even be thinking you don’t want to use social media for this reason…. fears associated with “Having your reputation ruined” – with a click of the mouse. This is why you should consider Google Alerts, call it your Reputation Management system on the web…

As technology has evolved so rapidly over the last few years more and more of our marketing is being done on-line. It is so easy to post anything about anyone, which means someone can actually write whatever they want about you, good or bad….what’s even worse is their post is only one-sided and while most readers are aware of this, having negative publicity about you is damaging, embarrassing and could cost you money.

Enter – Click – Post – Status Update – Tweet – Tip

There it goes out into cyber universe or straight to hell, in the case you or your company is attached to the message and it is negative. Let’s say you have a very unhappy customer, maybe they don’t tell you the service they received was poor or the food was raw & cold… perhaps you don’t know they are a social media addict. Yikes!

Many of these social devices allow us to update right from where we are sitting – Foursquare asked you to leave a Tip (and I don’t mean cash)…It doesn’t specify a good tip only. Facebook status, updates right from our phones to hundreds of our friends telling them what we are up to…We can post pictures…and yes we can say anything…imagine what a few cocktails could produce.

  • Only on your Facebook Business Page do you have a modification block list or profanity block list.

We now need to be vigilant and open to the new world of technology, one thing we know for sure social media is not going away anytime soon. There are a few very easy ways today to watch over what is being said about you or your company…For that matter you could watch what people are saying about the competition at the same time.

Why is this important

Let’s just say swift action to a burning fire usually saves much heartache in the end. Respond to people’s disappointment and put that fire out, find out what went wrong, be proactive… for you it could be a simple fix… a misunderstanding. People don’t know your circumstances and we do not know theirs. You know the saying “Happy people tell two friends, unhappy people tell everyone”.

Keep an eye on employees, especially if they have approval for running your social media department. Communicate, hold meetings and share your concerns. Make sure you have a company policy manual signed and in place as part of your human resource handbook.

How to write a social media policy manual – excellent article

Google Alerts

Simply put, Google Alerts are e-mail updates to you of relevant Google results from postings on the world-wide-web. News events, names, places, your business or your name and even better your competition. All based on your choice of topic or query. Similar to a notification or detection service that you pre-program. The e-mail alert is sent to your G-mail address, which means once again to use anything Google associated you’ll need a Google e-mail. Below is an easy link for you to get started.

ps. I’m watching you!

Google Alerts To set up your Google Alerts just click this link.


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