Stop the madness – Unsubscribe!

E-mail Overload

Let’s create more time, not less

Today’s Tip is really a simple one…. unsubscribe and stop wasting your valuable day reading and going over unnecessary e-mails. Just deleting them every day takes up energy and they’ll be back in your inbox tomorrow. We are on e-mail over-load. Most of what comes into your in-box each day can be avoided. UNSUBSCRIBE.

Here is how easy it is: Open the e-mail, go to the bottom and make sure you have your glasses on, in very small print is unsubscribe (high lighted in blue)… click! This will take you to the unsubscribe page, once you get there make sure you answer the questions and click the right boxes, or you might be subscribing to more e-mails… Tricky, but once accomplished you automatically create better use of your time.

I am so surprised today at the people I meet who are exhausted and run off their feet… I add this up to feeling rushed and full of anxiety because before we get to our day we need to wade through the enormous amount of e-mail….then we need to rank each – wow which one first?

Do yourself a big favour… Just unsubscribe!


I’ve actually already left town, and before I went I unsubscribed from 20 different e-mails I receive on a daily base… I really don’t need them. Doing this exercise was invigorating.

Could you imagine how many e-mails will be in your inbox when you return from one week away if you don’t stop the madness now… Yikes, how to quickly ruin that relaxed feeling you have created when you’ve been on vacation.

Important Blogs

If receiving blogs on different topics is important to you – set up Google Reader and have all those important blogs arrive in one safe place – it’s not your inbox.

Facebook – Twitter – LinkedIn Notifications

You know the only person that can control their destiny is you – and you will be controlled by the lack of time you have left in a day after scrolling through all the notifications from these resourceful social media sites.. be the controller, unclick the send e-mail buttons. When you go on these sites you’ll see the interaction and at that time you can respond. Having notifications is like doing one job twice.

A new friend Susan Hand from the SNA suggested trying this site for unsubscribing e-mail –


Sure maybe be notified if you are tagged in photos or videos, but every time someone posts on your news feed… Not necessary!

E-mail and the new Charter

I’d like to leave you today with Chris Anderson’s solution to E-mail from his talk on Ted – Ideas Worth Sharing –


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