Can You Relate To This Technology Anxiety?

Information Overload

I would like to give a standing ovation, big round of applause and a sincere thank you to one of my social media students Eileen Craig from Whistler Garibaldi Mortgage. As part of her learning social media curve I asked the class to write a blog. In this blog Eileen has learned to use, she has figured out how to link web pages, spell check, use Categories, Tags, and upload pictures – well done….

Guest writer today Eileen Craig… Bless you!

I’ve been thinking about it for a
week.  I’m supposed to write a blog on
something, anything.  I really didn’t
have any idea what I would say or what it would be about.  It was driving me crazy, why?  Technology!

I am a dinosaur, there’s just too much
going on for me to grasp it all.  I have
more in common with my 80-year-old mother than I do with people just a few
years younger than myself.

I work on a computer all day, I’m really
not interested in spending any more time than I already do sitting in front of
it.  My colleagues get a lot of
entertainment when I try something new.

I have resisted Facebook, LinkedIn and a
Smartphone for long enough.  I am now
taking Social Media classes with Keep It Simple Social Media and yesterday I
got my first iPhone. Watch out world, now I have a camera/phone and a Facebook
page, pretty soon a Fan Page.

It’s a slow process for me, but I’m trying
something new and while I get frustrated, I’m not giving up.  Now if only I could work the TV remote……….

ps. You can find Eileen’s Business Page on Facebook –

Once Eileen has 25 Likes she will receive her very own vanity URL

We wish you the best of luck Eileen with your social media marketing for your business… you’ve done a great job!


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