Finding That Sweet Spot in Life

Catching yourself

When the world feels right

What is so interesting about this photo is I never took it, it took itself, and I don’t know if you can see but I am smiling, I am truly at peace with the world….Loving this glorious day… When something feels this good and this right at that moment, we need to repeat it!

Slow Food Cycle 2011

This past Sunday local Pemberton Farmers opened their doors to over 3200 cyclists, on what has grown into a very successful outdoor family event. I am ashamed to admit I had never been on this fabulous ride before. I had never taken the time to find out how absolutely dedicated and hard-working the people in the Pemberton Valley are.

The slow food cycle concept originated in Italy as a protest against McDonald’s. Why was there so much excitement surrounding this franchise giant and where was the celebration for all the hard-working local farmers?

2005 was the inaugural first ride, today The Slow Food Cycle has grown to be Pemberton Valleys version of The Test of Metal (Squamish)…all kidding aside this event is hitting us close to home.

Do you ever stop and ask yourself where the food you put on the table every day for your loved ones to eat, has traveled from? The answer is thousands of miles just to arrive in your grocery store, the pesticides and hormones injected and sprayed to keep it plump and bright, is well hidden. In the last decade people have started to pay more attention to the side affects caused from such growing techniques and are slowly moving towards organic self-sustained living. My nephew Steven (Best Place to Live) is a shinning example of a young man who is not a farmer, but cares what food he is putting in his children’s tummies. I can look back now and thank my parents for the food I ate, we had a huge garden, over 20 fruit trees, and raised our own chickens and cows… with a family of nine it was more economical than a health conscious choice, but I became the benefactor of those times.

Something to Consider

How about bringing one locally grown item home a day for perhaps your dinner, and talking about it around the table. The other suggestion I picked up was having a dinner and invite the guests to bring something they’ve grown from their garden, or an organic locally grown item from their grocer for a Pot Luck dinner party.

Pemberton Farmers

The ride itself is 50km and takes about 4-5 hours. The idea is to stop and sample the local produce, meats and drinks along the way. This is no bike race, but a leisurely cycle along a very scenic road. The scaling mountain peaks with their white-tipped glaciers, snow glistening away in the bright sunlight, cool breeze in your face, and thousands of smiling faces… the air was filled with laughter, there is no doubt this day was amazing.

Local farmers were out explaining their growing process and the costs associated to bringing the crop from seed to table. How important it is to have rich healthy soil, all the different troubles they’ve battled over the years and educating us on the benefits of organic eating. I took away a sense of duty to at least walk through the organic section in my market and slowly start introducing healthier food into my families diet.

We sampled some amazing food, fresh baking, dips, and vegtables galore, the crispness and sweetness alone would make you switch to locally grown food without thinking twice.

I most certainly will be back next year and bring my friends and family who have no idea how incredible the day was.  It is so interesting the way most of us rush through this life, never really stopping long enough to see the beauty, or taste the sweetness right beneath our feet.

It takes a lot of people who volunteered for the Slow Food Cycle ride to make this day such a success and help showcase Pemberton Valley’s Agricultural Community – to all of you congratulations and thank you, it was a wonderful day.

If you’d like to view the pictures I took with my i-Phone along the way, I’ve uploaded them to my Facebook Business Page under the tab photos or right now on my home page. Please Tag the photos and add your descriptions, especially if you know the Farmers and lay of the land.


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    Tillie Pearson Says:

    Heather, it sounds like you had a fabulous time, if you do this again next year i would like to go with you ❤

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