The Three Most Important LIKES on Facebook

Facebook LIKE

The Big Three LIKEs on Facebook Business Pages

#1. It is very important when you begin to put your Facebook Business Page together that you remember your personal profile is separate from your Business Page. This means all your friends on your personal profile do not see what you have posted on your Business Page – UNLESS they have gone to your Business Page and clicked the LIKE button.

  • Invite people to LIKE your Business Page – you can do this by sending out an e-mail notice requesting people to go to your Business Page and make sure you remind them they need to click the LIKE button (add an easy to follow link).
  • You can also send a private message through your personal profile to groups of people (add the url link). If you have created lists on your personal profile it is easier to send messages that cater to that group. Example you talk differently to your friends then you do to your clients or business associates.

#2. The next LIKE that needs to be done is you as your Business page needs to go into the search bar and find LIKE minded pages to follow.

  • You need to click LIKE on those pages so those businesses appear in your news feed – I suggest adding a couple everyday until you have a good stream. Remember you are the only one that sees the postings of these businesses in your news feed. People and businesses that LIKE your page can however view who you have LIKED, as this appears on your profile page on the bottom left side. (Now Facebook is doing more improvements as I write this blog – so it could be one of the many changes they are working on)
  • When you are considering Liking a business page ask yourself “who are the clients of this company, can they help you in any way. I say this because as you develop these relationships, the people in their news feed will see your comments, and one day they might want to know who you are.
  • Go ahead and Like pages that are active, not just because they are an old acquaintance. Make sure their page is rich with information, something that actually excites you.
  • You can LIKE up to 500 pages – You can always unlike pages later that you feel are not appropriate. To unlike a page, click on the page, scroll down to the lower left side, click unlike – Simple

#3. Now the last LIKE is very important and ties your Facebook Business Page marketing efforts together. You need to always be reading in your news feed and LIKING some of what you are reading, you also need to be commenting and asking questions and answering questions. Do Not Sell!


Did you know once you have 25 LIKEs on your Business Page you automatically receive a vanity URL (User Name). This is an excellent strategy for an e-mail campaign. So remember to claim your personal URL once you hit 25 Likes. This URL can never be changed, so make sure you select a name that represents you well. The other important number on Facebook is when you hit 100 LIKEs. At this point your banner that runs across the top of your page (Name) becomes permanent. Make sure you like what is says. The only way to change this is to have people Unlike you….back under 100

If you want to double-check the difference between your user name and your name – click Edit Page – on your left side of the page click on Basic Information Tab, here is where you’ll find how your page name is secured.

Permission Relationship Marketing

All the energy and time we spend on any social media site is solely for driving customers to our business, to bring more bodies through the door or sell our products. In order to do this on social media you need to first nurture your new relationships. What we are doing by Liking and posting everyday is keeping our business top of mind for when your new friends need your service . This is when all your hard work starts to pay off… Those pages and people remember you – then you can sell.

I get most of my material for writing blogs from my clients when teaching classes. These are questions and misconceptions I hear over and over. Let me know what confuses you about social media and I’ll do my best to write about it. Now please head over to my Business Page and click the LIKE button


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