How Do You Get People to Comment on Facebook

News Feed

What Is a News Feed

A news feed (web feed) transports a message or blog out into the world-wide web, it gives your readers frequently updated content. You can also subscribe to people’s news feed or blogs. This means when they publish a new blog it is automatically sent to you, usually by e-mail or you can have that blog sent to a separate platform such as Google Reader where it stores all your blogs in files you create, this way you can reference them at a later time. When you are someones friend on Facebook and they make a post, that post will feed into your personal profile news feed. This is found on your Home Page, you will find all your friends postings in your news feed. Really what happens when you post on Facebook through your personal profile or Business Page is that post is fed into the news feed of people you are friends with or people who have Liked your page. Provided they check their Facebook account a couple of times a day they will find your posting looking pretty fresh. The genius of Facebook is you can check on a friends postings the next week and still be able to read through their activity. Generally with social media a response should take place within a the same day.

How often should I post?

If you are posting constantly on Facebook but only have a few friends, you are filling those few friends news feed with probably too many messages (posts) from you and vice versa…

It should be noted that Facebook counts all activity, not just from those who post comments and Likes – Facebook knows how many monthly active users you have through their new Insights and Interaction. This is sometimes very good for your ego when you don’t see any comments, at least you know someone has stopped by to take a look.

On you personal profile page it is said that as long as you are not spamming and the content you are sending is of interest to your friends, you could post up to three times a day. Sending pictures, quotes, updates on what’s going on in your life. You want to post in such a way as to encourage a response. You want your friends to Like your post or better yet comment on it.

Some Twitter posts feed into Facebook/LinkedIn and this sometimes becomes too much for some people, however having said that, social media sites have made this option available because they realize people only have so much time. Generally people are now getting used to information flowing constantly. Tweeting up to 20 times a day is acceptable on Twitter, bothersome on Facebook.

I believe you should consider your viewer and what they respect and find acceptable – ask them…

On your Business page, less is more. Content is king, write and send valuable information that can benefit people’s lives. Encourage them to share your content. Add other people’s businesses that have liked your page to help promote them. Just start writing their name and Facebook will pull it into your timeline, then click to accept. On your personal profile you can be writing a post and mention a friend’s name, at that point Facebook will pull their entire name, click on the name and then back their last name out and it will notify them of your message too, besides just posting onto your wall. That is the good thing about cross promotion, the other business or person will know you’ve done this. You essentially are helping them to advertise.

How this works

On your business page if you have 100 people who have Liked your page –  when you write a posting and share it out into the universe, any one of those 100 people have an opportunity to read your posting because it feeds into their News Feed. It does not feed into their friends unless their friends are reading the activity in their friends profile. At that time they could click on the conversation and get involved. Sounds confusing but it really isn’t. You need to be active on your social media accounts. The trick is not a trick – you need to be building relationships with the people you have friended and the business pages you have Liked. Once you get active you’ll figure out that social media is cross pollination marketing – and it does not cost you a penny – Except your time…. so dedicate your precious time seriously.


My good friend and student Carolyn Hill posted an interesting article about our Global Economic situation in the US – I read it and commented on how good this video was. My friend Phyllis Stelting who follows me, not Carolyn, noticed on my personal profile I had made a comment on this video, she in turn clicked on the link and watched the video too… I said to Carolyn here is an opportunity to introduce yourself to Phyllis and begin to nurture a relationship. Carolyn sent Phyllis a message and introduced herself and Phyllis sent me a thank you for the connection …

Please go to my Buisness Page and click LIKE – Keep it Simple Social Media

Today I have an example of thanking another business and helping promote them as well.  Impact People Practices

I hope you can see the opportunity today that is available to you to create new lasting business relationships that can be fun and beneficial, how easy technology has made it for us to sit in the comfort of our office or home and meet, share and add value to others lives. In ending I must say “Nothing beats Face to Face networking…so take as many of those new relationships for coffee next time they’re in your area and show those new people why you live in such a wonderful city.


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