The Power of Women

The Power of Women

I bet you’d like to know which of these dynamic women told us the secret to success? Impossible to answer and not really a fair question. Success cannot be wrapped up in one day, and means many different things to each of us. What I can share with you is but a glimpse of how inspiration combined with ideas can transform your world, how hearing the right things and asking the right questions can help you with your dreams and journey through life.

When you spend an intimate day with 99.9% women in a room brimming with appreciation, power, knowledge and smiles, you can not leave without knowing it has made a difference in your life.

With a star-studded line up you are participating in a think tank, filling your mind with possibilities that stimulate your soul. If you look at your family and friends each one of them bring something special to your life. Each of us has a gift something that we have been entrusted with, to share with each other. You’ve heard the saying “You cannot be everything to everyone – but you can be something to someone”

So much valuable information was coming off the stage I needed to write it down fast, the stuff that really stuck out and hit me in the heart – turned the light-bulb on. Little stories were woven and shared which made it impossible to keep a dry eye. Most of the women at some point in their lives hit rock bottom before they found their own inner strength – the power which is within each of us to fight back, to take hold of our destiny. Some of the women admitted to not knowing the word “NO”

These women fought for loved ones and strangers, they have lost, some have been abused, some were told they were worthless, but they all share one common thread, they are passionate fighters who believed in themselves and didn’t want to let you or I down.


The most important secret to success I took away this day had to be the word “Team” you need other people to succeed. You need to be a team at home, a team at work, you need your friends to be in your corner because you need their loving support. Have compassion and be passionate… feel a burning want to help others.

My Notes (In order of the day)

Jessica Holmes –  an amazingly talented young Canadian actress/singer/Comedian she kept us laughing between speakers with her cleverly crafted antics. – Brovo

The Canadian Tenors – This was a very special treat and surprise

Leanne Tuohy – The Blind Side

Do something today that you did not do yesterday and make Christmas everyday. It is our duty as parents to raise children that benefit society by being productive members of the world. Every day we need to be working on our interior landscape. You have no idea what is going on in someone elses life and you have no right to judge. Society has written off millions of children as worthless. One act of kindness can change someone’s life.

 Turn-around was a phrase that change their lives. The Tuohy’s wrote a book – In a Heart Beat – The Power of Cheerful Giving.

Loretta LaRoche – Life is Short – Wear Your Party Pants

Loretta is a stress management comedian, speaker and coach, I absolutely love her and have seen her four times. (We purchased her cd’s so on long road trips we can laugh our fat away!).. Laughter is medicine for the soul and as a society we need to do much more of it. We need to shut up and stop global whining.

“Get off the cross – someone else needs the wood”

Our language acknowledges how we feel and look everyday, look into the mirror and smile, find the things that are right about you, not wrong. When you wake up, lean over to the person next to you and say “I’m back” Loretta believes more of us would rather be right than be happy. We need to get back to being a community and get out of isolation. We need to help each other shine and be juicy with excitement, to be so happy and brilliant we could just blow up. We’re so busy today with e-mail, social media, the news that we put off our laughter for later. Loretta suggests having a staff laugh once a day, or put on the music and just dance. Clinically depressed people do not laugh – then they take you away!

Amilya Antonetti

Brilliant, beautiful and vivacious, a woman who commands your attention, she attributes her success to her phenomenal team. Amilya shared “Ten Things I wish someone told me before I went into Business”

Nothing beats a clear plan, focus and sweat, because it’s not going to be easy, people will not always be happy, they will let you down and most importantly, no one does it alone.

Amilya’s story came from her heart and the love for her son David that the medical field gave up on – Amilya promised him she would not. SoapWorks try it out at the Bay

Marlee Matlin

Marlee shared with us her life story of struggles with self-doubt and alcohol. Her incredible friendship with Henry Winkler, working on “The Apprentice” and most importantly in Marlee’s life was the love and encouragement her mother gave her. Marlee believes “If you have a dream in your heart – you can will it to become reality”. Each of us has a unique gift to share.

Courage plus dreams equal success. Approach life with a smile!

Suzanne Summers

We need to stick together – hold hands, especially as we age through life. As women we are here on Earth to reproduce, once finished our purpose is complete and nature then tries to destroy us. It is possible to prolong the inevitable and live healthy, sexy lives into our later years. Change your life now before you forget how. Get rid of dwarfs living in your body – Sleepy, grumpy, itchy….

It doesn’t matter where you come from – It’s how you finish – There is no replacement for health.


Her meer presence in the room can light up your day, she is a woman to be admired and modeled. Ellen said if you don’t follow your passion – life will eat you up. Live your life for love, smiling is healing for your soul. We go through life making assumptions for other people without knowing – Judging.

We were a lucky crowd of women who got to meet Ellen’s partner Portia de Rossi who gave us a timid wave and brilliant smile.

Ellen is an honest, peaceful, quiet, yet funny women who is also an advocate for Gentle Barn a society that rescues animals no one else could or would. If you ever have the chance to see Ellen, her life story is remarkable and very interesting. (a touch sad as well)

“Sometimes you can’t see yourself clearly until you see yourself through the eyes of others. ”
—  Ellen DeGeneres 

Be kind to one another ♥

It is so important that we nurture our soul with positive messaging and role models. Like my motto on weight “Less in – more out” the mind has its own messaging – “Garbage in – Garbage out” Be careful what and who you listen to. Thank you to my girlfriends Janice and Theresa who accompanied me on this fabulous day!


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