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Today in the social media world there are literally thousands of on-line tools for you to use to simplify your social media effectiveness. Choosing the right tool for your business however takes wading through the jungle of noise. Today’s Tip is about the tools I have chosen over the last few years that have added value and simplicity to my life. Writing a blog about my favorite tools could take all day as I use many different tools (applications) available and I am still discovering new ones each day. The following links are the social media tools I tend to use most.

Hootsuite.comA social media dashboard to simplify all your accounts in one place. Manage and check key words, multiple Twitter account Kiss_Media HeatherClifford whistlerheather Facebook, LinkedIn, Foursquare, WordPress files. Hootsuite is free, but you can also upgrade for as little $5.99 a month. The wonderful thing about Hootsuite is it’s ability to schedule posts for future exposure when you’re away from the computer. I also use Tweetdeck on my i-Phone and absolutely LOVE it.

Grader.comIs a suite of tools to help you analyze and measure your on-line marketing efforts. Grader gives you a score out of 100 based on several different categories. Grader compares you to other accounts and gives you suggestions to improve your mojo. How is your power and authority on the world-wide web? Grader is also a lot of fun to use. I recommend you head over to Grader and plug-in your Facebook Twitter Website Blogs and anything else you are spending time on. – Another one of my favorite tools. Clean up those useless Twitter accounts you’ve followed that have no activity, that spam constantly, that have not used their accounts in months. You will love the ease of deleting people and businesses that are not helping your marketing and communication efforts. Remember it’s not about the number of people you follow, it’s about the quality of them and building relationships.

Twitpic – What ease and simplicity Twitpic adds to my life. Twitpic let’s you share media on Twitter in realtime. This tool is uploaded onto my i-Phone and when I’m out at a special event or see a beautiful shot of the mountains or ocean I can add pictures to my tweets through Tweetdeck and Twitpic. Twitpic tells me how many people have viewed the pictures and allows for commenting. – Is a URL shortening service that is free and helps enormously when it comes to Twitter (140 characters) and when Blogging. They also have a customise URL option. It stores all your URL’s and let’s you know how many people actually clicked through them.

Lists – I highly recommend you start using lists on both your Facebook Personal Profile and all your Twitter accounts. On Facebook your lists are private so only you can see them. Having lists will help you to use your privacy settings more effectively; it also helps you find people when you’re creating events or sending messages. Think down the road to when you have over 500 Friends on Facebook, you risk forgetting people.

In your twitter account you have the choice of making your lists private or public. Twitter also allows you to follow other people’s lists or a least see who they follow.

TwentyFeet– I’m pretty new to Twentyfeet and find it discouraging some weeks when my report on activity comes in or when it tells me my following has actually decreased. However this is a great motivator too. This might be why they call it an ego monitoring service for all your social media sites.

Google Alerts – You MUST use this free service to watch and monitor your name and business on the world-wide web. Listen to what people are saying about you. Follow your competition. Stay aware of your town and news as it happens. Deal with any bad publicity quickly.

Google Reader – Life is busy and I bet you are too. Simplify and don’t lose blogs and websites that you find of interest. Keep them stored in one convenient place. This is a web-based aggregator, capable of reading and storing RSS Feeds and Atom on or off-line. You’ll need a Google account for the last two awesome tools.

Here is your BONUS tool –  You must start writing a Blog, yes blogging is a tool.

Blogging makes you the authority on any subject or business. It can be time-consuming, but the benefits far out-way the negative. If you are passionate about anything, especially your business you need to begin blogging. It is easy to add your blog to a website, Facebook and your tweets… I’ll write a blog about blogging in the near future.

Those are my most used tools that I think could help you through the social media maze as well they are very easy to use. I always try think of my clients and their abilities and the available time they have to spend in front of the computer. I’d love to hear about any of your favorite tools and ask you to send me a comment below. I’m writing each day about helpful social media tips so please head over to my Facebook Business Page and click the LIKE button to stay up to date. (use the easy link below)

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  1. Heather, thanks for sharing these 10 tools and for mentioning TwentyFeet. Our aim is not to demotivate you but to make you think what your success factors are.


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