What Does It Mean To Be Tagged?

Tagging on Facebook

What is Tagging?

Tagging is an excellent way to identify your friends in photos and share pictures in your status update, you can also tag photos on other people’s Pages. Once you are friends with someone you can tag pictures they are in, once tagged it will link to their photo section on Facebook. On Fan Pages (Business Page) you can tag any photos. You can also tag people to be in photos they are not in, as long as you are friends on Facebook. This practice can be associated with spam and I do not recommend doing it.

You can tag entire photo albums with one descriptive sentence. I love putting photos from around Whistler and Vancouver Island using this technique, you could try photos from a music festival, weekend photo shoot or family reunion, how about a company appreciation day! Facebook pulls all the pictures together for you, automatically grouping photos by comparing similar photos you’ve previously tagged.

Ever notice the five pictures that run along the top of your profile, these pictures can be tagged and they can be removed by clicking the “X” in the top right corner of each picture. Facebook randomly selects the pictures for you. If you keep clicking through the pictures you don’t want displayed you’ll end up with a nice row of your favorite pictures.

To remove your name from a picture you have been tagged in just click on the picture and next to your name click the box the says “Remove” tag. You can not delete the picture, only your name. Read the section below on privacy.

  • The greatest number of people you can tag in a photo is 50.

Sometimes you’ll see photos in the side bar where you’d associate advertising to be, this is new to Facebook and makes it much easier to tag your photos. It will even show you photos of people you have the most recent activity with.

How Do You Tag

Because photo sharing is so popular on Facebook they are making it easier every month to upload, tag and share pictures.

Tagging a single photo:

  1. Click directly on the photo to view
  2. Select from the lower left side – Tag this photo – then click on the photo
  3. (For Pages you must click the new photo viewer)
  4. A little box will appear – start typing the friend’s name or page name
  5. Click “Done Tagging” – this will save the tag and send a notice with picture to that friend
  6. All your new tags will appear in that persons news feed for their friends to see

Privacy Settings & Photos

You cannot control the photos which you have been tagged in, however you can control who gets to see them to a certain extent. You can ask the person posting these photos to delete them. Asking does not guarantee the photo will disappear from cyber space. Once again you can scroll over the picture and remove tag. To have more control over who views your photos you need to go into your Privacy Settings and review which boxes you have checked off. For example does it say “Let friends of people tagged in my photos and posts see them” Play around with your privacy settings until you are comfortable with who views what. Maneuvering through your privacy settings is easier if you have your Friends in Lists on Facebook. My policy is simple – I try to never post anything I wouldn’t think my grandmother would be happy to see. Common sense and respect can go along way with Social Media. Only by experimenting with tabs, privacy settings, uploading pictures, videos and descriptions will you learn the power of Facebook for building on your relationships.


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