5 Simple Steps to Start Your Facebook Business Page. Before You Publish It!

Empty Facebook Business Page - YUK!

Something to Consider

If you publish your business page before you have it looking sexy and interesting – what kind of message are you sending to potential customers?

It is fabulous and very courageous that a lot of businesses are going a head and creating their own Facebook Business Page. Yesterday during my social media class one of my students asked ” When can I uncheck the box – only admin can see this page” We decided to take a look at the page and answer a few questions privately.

Does this page excite us?

Do we want to follow this page? Remembering that people today are very busy.

The following are a few recommendations to consider doing before you publish your Business Page for the entire world to see.

  1. Make sure you have a professional graphic design. Having a graphic artist prepare an exciting, colorful business picture might cost you $125 but the minute someone arrives on your page it screams professional. You can also use this graphic for your Twitter account, YouTube account…..

    Keep It Simple Social Media.com

2. On the picture bar in the center of your page – ask yourself how pleasing or eye-catching are the photos you are using? Just scroll across the top of them and click “X” to remove the ones you do not want.

3. Start adding other “Likes” to your page and read the posts you enjoy, start building a relationship by adding some comments and clicking the like button now and then. There are two Like buttons. The first one you need to click will give you access to that business page and add them to your news feed. The second one is the same as on your personal profile. If you like the picture or the saying you can quickly add a like and move on. This means when you go on your business page and are in the home screen, you will see all the business pages you have liked every time they update their status. On the same token if they have liked you, you will appear in their news feed every time you update your status. Reciprocal.

****** Important***** One of my students said she did not know she needed to click the Like button to follow a page – Yes you need to click Like before it will feed into your Home page.

4. Start posting information on your wall “what’s on your mind” add content of value and interest, you can add quotes, links, blogs, videos, and pictures are very popular. Think of what you like to see when you’re wondering around Facebook. Find pages you like and then create something under your business umbrella similar.

5. Always fill in as much information on your business as possible, add every link, webpage, twitter account, phone number and address. Facebook gives you great marketing ability, but it will only work if you take advantage of it. Make sure on your personal profile that you have linked your Fan Page (Business Page) in the employer box. (You need 25 Likes on your Business Page before the vanity URL kicks in)

Learning to use the many new social media tools for your business is going to take patience and time, try not to feel pressured into rushing your marketing efforts out to the world before they are looking as professional as you are. This is your reputation. Ask for help when you need it, do a lot of research into social media Business Pages, as your time permits. If you find social media confusing and would like some help…. call me – e-mail me – Tweet me – send me a message on Facebook or LinkedIn or better yet let’s go for coffee the old fashion way…. Face to Face Networking.


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