Social Media Policy Manual – Do You Need One?

You're Fired

You Fired me for What?

Twenty five years in business and with a click of the mouse your reputation is spun into a viral calamity. It is happening all around the world. Some people just don’t think, especially in the heat of the moment.

Politicians do it, University students do it, and even highly paid football coaches have acted in a state of haste… we all should know better right?… But we don’t and no one has told us we could lose our job or worse yet, our hard-earned reputation.

What should we do?

It is paramount that your organization no matter the size have a policy manual in place and signed by each employee stating they understand the consequences of inappropriate social media behaviour. On the same token this could be an excellent opportunity to harness the social savvy employees into being the company embassadors within the social media marketing umbrella. The unofficial Marketing Team. This is a great platform to ask your team who Tweets, who is on Facebook and who likes Video and Blogging?… You might be pleasantly surprised that even the quietest work person could be gainfully active in the social media world. Asking your team to be inclusive could spark a passion deep down from someone you least expected.

How to write a Social Media Policy Manual  social media policy is simple: Be Smart!


Yes we use this word a lot today and how appropriate when it comes to social media, the passionate people love this stuff… it excites them and stirs emotion that is contagious. Positive and inspired employees are who you want sending your company message out.

Hiring any new staff should encompass a questionnaire on their social skills and their social media capacity, each of us today should be able to multitask and be included in the exciting field of social marketing. This is easily accomplished by giving different departments working social media responsibilities. Social media today is everyone’s job not just your leaders. Each person within your company will have a different perspective on the company because each of us are personal and authentically our own. This could be a very creative opportunity for businesses to harness those tech savvy employees and reach a customer the company has never seen before. Bringing in a social media coach to help encourage and train employees adds another layer of commitment to your business plan.

Understanding the guidance of appropriate behaviour when social media is involved is a mandatory discussion your team needs today. Risk management number one and communication ethics number two. Remember common sense is not that common. Using the right approach can gain you miles in marketing dollars while adding a new dimension to building team camaraderie .

Once you have a handle (Twitter word) on who your social team is, you should start conducting group meetings along with think tank discussions to spur and encourage ideas. Meeting once a month with this team and every few months with the entire team helps bring the entire company into focus on what your goals are. Always reiterating the companies guidelines and rules about social media activity and messaging. The team that posts together, stays together.

Please contact me if you’d like to host a team building exercise on Social Media or need a Social Media Policy Manual.


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