Do You Like Me?

Facebook Like Button

Fan Page or Business Page

Yes it means the same thing, more recently the team at Facebook have started calling the Fan Page a Business Page as more people began to join Facebook and started to  merge on-line social media marketing. The wording of Fan Page might have conjured a negative self-serving reputation in viewers minds – thus the Business Page was born!


You can have up to 5000 friends on your personal profile with Facebook. You can have as many people like your Fan Page (Business Page) as desired. You cannot put your new fans into lists on your Business Page like you can (and should do) on your personal profile. You can like up to 500 different pages on each your personal profile and Business Page. At any time you can unlike a page by clicking on their name, scrolling down the left side of the page and clicking unlike.

What To Do When You Arrive On A Fan Page?

When you like someones Fan Page you should spend some time looking around and clicking the tabs down the left side. Some pages offer coupons, links to Twitter, LinkedIn and educational videos. You can learn a lot more about a company or person by clicking the info tab and reading their bio. What you should look for on a Business Page is the value added part, giving you a reason to want to return to that page on a regular base. If you add a comment on their posts or click the like button this could encourage them to visit you, or better yet other people who are reading that post could see your comment and decide they’d like to know who you are. I always comments as my Business Page and not from my personal profile.

Extra Exposure

I recommend on your personal profile on Facebook that you edit your settings and go into work and education and add your URL to your Fan Page. This way if someone clicks on the high lighted blue area just under your name they are taken to your Fan Page (Business Page) where they might click the like button. You should also click on this high lighted area yourself and see where the link actually goes.

You could add a Like button to your signature in your e-mails for extra mileage. Another excellent source for Likes is on your website. As most websites are static, which means there is no opportunity for that viewer to interact with you, having a Facebook  like button which goes into your Fan Page takes that viewer into a social media site where communication begins. It is all about generating traffic, finding those like-minded people and building a community around them.


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