How to Find Inspiration and Peace

Fairytale and Rainbows

Today’s Tip:

Yesterday I wrote you a blog on 10 Simple Steps to Re-Gain Your Focus. Today I decided a good way to complete that thought would be to pick a point and each day elaborate on it. As I am generally a very happy person with a lot of inspiration I wanted to share with you where I go to find my peace and yes Inspiration. As I begin to write the song from the Eagles “Last Resort” is just finishing… this is one of my very favorite songs… I am overlooking the ocean, the sun is shinning and the wind is blowing gently, little rabbits are hopping along eating the grass and two little fawns are playing at the side of trail where I just came off from my morning run… The eagle is sitting in her nest high above the earth, and a family of quails is running across the road. Sound like a fairytale? It’s not… this is my place of solitude and it is very real.

To Each His/Her Own

For me to write about your happy place or where it is you would go to find inspiration would be only a guess or arrogance on my part. Within each of us is our very own little place of solitude, the place we go to find courage, inner pain, strength, ideas and the will power to get up and go. But one thing is for sure, more today than ever we are finding like-minded communities to share ideas, thoughts and sorrows, and yes we are still doing it the old fashion way too but the difference today is people who suffer depression or loneliness are finding a voice through social media sites and are expressing themselves through blogs and pictures and over all they are forming part of a different community, a place where they are finally accepted and included.

We can laugh at the same jokes, and cry over the same joyful wins; and quite frankly the older I get the easier the two become. Today I am going to share my list of the many places I go to find my inspiration I am linking my favorite blogs with songs, poems the stories I find interesting… your’s of course might be quite different. I laugh when I tell you Google is my new best friend, but when I am all alone writing I like to think of Google as someone I can tell my troubles or brain busters to and within seconds “She” gives me more than enough to think about… keeping my mind busy and less likely to squander my time watching the fishing boats pulling in the latest catch.

Funny I read this little “Quote” on the wall in the washroom yesterday and knew at some point I could share it… We cannot waste time – only ourselves! written by a graduate student from Whistler. Interesting isn’t it… I don’t know about you, but sometimes I feel like the days just fly by, and I have so much left to carry out on this planet… Like finishing this blog.


I cannot stress the importance of limiting your time with negative people – that is all I need to say to you.

I have a very close friend who has the most amazing attitude, he is gentle, giving and extremely loving, his glass is always 1/2 full… little jokes here and there, a smile like you wouldn’t believe… he is my inspiration.. this man has seen more evil and death, pain and abuse then you and I could ever watch on tv in a lifetime.. I just need to look to him for an attitude adjustment.. or to stop my whining.

I have a mentor Peter Legge who writes the most inspirational books and audio, I listen to him when driving up and down hwy 99. I always attend his Top 100 Business Luncheons at the Vancouver Hotel – I just spent 2 hours with “Jimmy” Pattison.

How about for women “Marianne Williamson” get her audio on a course in Miracles.. Loved it!

As far as people go I have amazing friends and family, I am a sponge for learning, in fact when I lived in New York I swore I was going to read every book in the library at NYU…

I never watch TV – Never… my poor daughter has to watch Glee on her computer.

Here are my favorite Videos

Over The Rainbow – Israel

I Believe – 2010 Winter Olympics

The Top Inspirational Songs

Top Motivaltional Songs

Pick the Brain

The Suitcase Entrepreneur

Famous Quotes and Quotations

Honestly, I could go on and on… I receive three quotes each morning from different sites. I’m a big fan of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Anthony Robbins…E-letters galore, RSS feeds… you name it, I get up early … I love my i-Pad for reading in bed…oh and Sudoku..

As a leaving note for today I’d like to say something very important to me…I try not to judge… this is very hard to do, and when I fail as I do often… I try to feel ashamed.  I believe there is only one judge and it is not me. You’ll find great inspiration by helping others carry out their goals and going out of your way to help someone who has not asked you to. I appreciate my friends who send me e-mails of something that has made them laugh or better yet moved them to cry. They cared enough to share their feelings with me…. Do you remember this from thirty years ago – ” I liked it so much I told two friends, who told two friends, who told two friends… and so on……..and so on…


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