10 Simple Steps to Re-Gain Your Focus

Staying Focused

 Now More Than Ever Before

In today’s instant gratification world you better have a plan written out and a strong will to master it. With the warp speed at which new marketing ideas are coming to you and the number of businesses who can find your e-mail address, it’s a wonder we are getting anything accomplished.

Not to worry if you follow these easy to carry out steps for at least 3 months you will calm the demons trying to make you do everything, and give you back that sense of control needed to thrive and succeed in today’s metropolis.

1. Grab a pen and paper – not your computer – go somewhere beautiful, in the garden, to the park, or sit on your deck. The fresh air will stimulate new thoughts. Now start to write out where it is you want to go. What you’d like to see accomplished (Goals) in the next 30 – 60 – 90 days.

2. Take each goal and write out what you need to do, the steps you need to take to see it through, add to this a time-line. You’ll need to have researched your plan before sitting down to execute. Deal with any myths (limiting beliefs) you might have right up front. In most cases the devil on your shoulder has no grounds for the chatter going on in your head.

3. Using a calendar schedule yourself a fitness or walking routine at least 3 times for thirty minutes each a week. It might be nice to do this with your significant other or a good friend. You could even start a walking (running) group in your community.

4. Look in your fridge and cupboards and think about what it is you are putting into your body everyday. Does it make you stronger or take more energy to burn, leaving you lethargic and making your brain less than ideal. What vitamins are you taking, and better yet do they even work? We know 100% that fruit and vegetables are what we should be eating. Fish, bright colors, 8 cups of water, green tea… we know this, why are we fighting it? The worlds Healthiest Foods

5. Look at who you spend most of your time with, are they adding value to your life or draining you, do they put a smile on your face or do they add to your limiting belief system, and take away valuable time and energy? If you can keep the negative people away for one week, you might find a little more time to spend on you. Find the inspirational people in your life and invite them for lunch, or go to the spa with them.

6. Where do all those e-mails come from? Delete 1/2 of them right off the bat. Better yet un-subscribe. Your time is all you have to devote to your own success and not someone elses. Declutter-Delete-Delegate!

7. Get your finances under control. Do you know exactly what it costs you each month to live? Ask for help from a professional if deep down in your gut something is telling you you’re in trouble. It is never too late to do what you’ve always wanted to. Make sure you are investing back into your own business 10 -15% of you earnings.

8. Find people, blogs, quotes, stories and anything that makes you feel good on the inside, and turn off the news and negative information that is really unnecessary to read or hear. Try not watching TV for a week.

9. Believe in yourself and be passionate about everything you do. If you believe others will believe too. Lead your life with love and confidence. Do the unexpected to make this world and the people around you feel better. Sing, listen to music, and tell some jokes. Laughter is medicine and so is an apple a day.

Happy Thoughts!

10. Turn off, unplug, silence the noise every week for 1 hour and review your plan, look to see if you are being true to yourself, are you moving forward or staying stagnant. Look to the world and find the good, see the beauty…. Try yoga or just sitting in peace.

I hope you can find value in these 10 steps and that you’ll at least try some of them. I’ve started this routine a few months ago and think it is going swell. I love the people in my life and everything I am doing today. http://www.keepitsimplesocialmedia.com


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