An Appreciation for the Finer Things in Life!

2009 Rombauer

Oysters on the Half Shell

We went for the food –  I couldn’t believe in all the dinners the two of us had shared, Janice had never been to the Rim Rock Cafe before…. Shame on me.

As always the service at the Rim Rock is professional and attentive, tonight we were going to be spoiled… my good friend Johnny was back from Scotland and he was totally on the ball to give us women a very special evening. The rustic atmosphere and gorgeous sunset together with our cozy table by the window was so perfect….

Now I should say I can certainly appreciate a delicious meal, but my good friend Janice is an extremely talented chef and is a member of the California Cult Classic Wine Group… and boy does she know her wine… come to think of it, Janice usually cooks for me at home in Whistler….. and brings the wine from her cellar.

Tonight it was her turn to be wined and dined, we sat back and ordered the wine Johnny recommended… 2009 Rombauer…white… the minute it hit Janice’s lips she smiled.. “ah a very slutty wine” she replied… Johnny just knodded…yes…

Buttery, spicy and ripe… it just glides across your palate with fruit after tones.. such as pineapple and papaya… with a very silky and creamy texture..the wine went phenomenally well with the oysters, both the Champagne and Cavier and the Tobico Creme Fraiche and Vodka…

A restaurant which is always full speaks very clearly about the staff, management and of course the kitchen… which is where Rolf Gunther has been producing culinary spender for a very long time. The room was busy tonight, and by my guess it was full.

The Main

Wow, this meal was one of the best dinners out I had eaten in a very long time, and Janice was simply thrilled with the entire experience.

Salmon stuffed with Lobster and the Seafood Trio

You need to realize I was taking these photos with my i-Phone and it does not have a flash… Look at the presentation, the care to every detail, the colors and drizzle…. Janice said her salmon was cooked perfectly and the lobster, garlic mashed potatoes were to die for… my own seafood trio was just like dessert… Grilled prawns, rare ahi tuna, and my very favorite sable fish with a macadamia pecan crust…so incredibly delicious…

Janice said to me, “I’m back in two weeks, we need to go again”

Leaving with Full Satisfaction

The manager Bob Dawson dropped by our table to ask how our meal was, and I know he knew before we opened our mouths due to the plates being all but licked clean and the smiles the two of us were sporting. We had a quick espresso with a twist of lemon and decided to grab a cab for the village, we still had time to hit a few patios and meet up with the other women. At this point in our lives we need to make a very sad decision, it’s dessert or wine and only rarely do the two meet.


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