I Don’t Care to Share, Why Should I?

Sharing on Facebook

Time well Spent

I have a number of friends on Facebook that just sit by and read posts all day long, they never comment or weigh in on the conversations. I do admit they say Happy Birthday to people and that is a good start. The reason I know this is because they talk around the water cooler, or better yet I hear it from other friends.

The purpose of your personal profile is to be personal… be you… We tend to share photos with friends and family we keep in touch with relatives across the ocean… and you must admit how cool it is to talk to high school friends you haven’t seen in 20 years… or more!

Some people of course share too much information and by that it could be other people’s phone numbers or hold lengthy conversations that should be sent as a private message, but worst of all they post about their work problems… Yikes!

Your personal profile is the perfect place to start using and getting comfortable with social media sites. Take a minute and think about what what the words“Social Media” mean …

Try writing something in your status update everyday and just be up-beat and personal, post when something makes you feel happy or inspired, if it puts a smile on your face, your like-minded friends will feel your happiness and in-turn it will make them feel good too… that is what we call spreading the LOVE.

Facebook has a Gross National Happiness Index  (GNHI) and during special occasions and on Thursdays and Fridays the meter spikes; especially when people use positive words – it measures how we are feeling collectively . I absolutely love this meter.

When you roam around Facebook without saying anything your activity is still measured, but the GNHI can only measure status updates, because you haven’t made any you’re not included in the index, even if the post made you laugh…This idea of measuring however does make some people feel weary of how much of their life is being monitored. Rule of thumb –  don’t post anything your gramma might be upset with.

Business Page or Fan Page

Your business page should be completely separate from your personal profile, here is where you put on your business cap. In today’s world you cannot do business like yesterday… We need to un-learn all those old selling techniques – instead treat me with care, appreciate the time I am spending on your page, give me valuable information that I can take away and implement into my day. Give me links and stories, share tips and coupons, find ways to make me engage with you, why not ask me a Question????. You need to make me feel like this Fan Page “ROCKs”…Think -I want to be the topic of conversation around the water cooler! The more people share with each other the more fun social media can be, working together, sharing healthy successful ideas, creates a world of knowledge, interaction and respect… hording information can make you lonely and soon un-known… today the more you share the more friends, likes and invitations you’ll receive. The more your business will be recognized on a global level!

Promote Others

This is one of my favorite things to do… I love where I live and the beauty of Whistler is deserving of a tweet every day. When I am out strolling I often take pictures with my i-phone of the mountains, of bears, with my friends when we’re out having lunch… I usually always tweet the restaurant I’m at…I upload my pictures through Tweetdeck add a comment and post them out to over 7000 potential viewers. I have had so many awesome re-tweets and thank you’s that it really makes my day… One of my favorite women to follow is Shannon Tweed on Twitter, when she comes to Whistler she tweets all the way up Hwy 99. Shannon has 122,000 followers and when she tweets about Whistler usually 3000 people will comment back. Do you think Shannon is helping to market Whistler to the world… oh yaa!!

Social media is here to stay, every day a new application or idea is created to help you and I be more connected… You can use as many platforms as you feel comfortable with or choose to use none… but I recommend the big five… Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / LinkedIn / Blogging… oh and if you didn’t have enough going on number six has just arrived… Google+ is very cool… I’ve just been invited to joined!



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    Love the info in this post…………

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