Ten Tips for Staying Focused and Getting Started on Twitter

Keeping you Focus

The trouble most people have with Twitter is the unknown… they don’t understand what, why and how. Let’s just say once you get tweeting it will be hard to stop. At first when you open an account on Twitter the main landing page can seem over whelming, the suggestions they offer for friends doesn’t really make any business sense, it seems more of a game or teenage chat room. Once you filter through the maze and begin to carry out your pre-meditated business plan, Twitter will become a valuable marketing tool which will keep your name and business top of mind to your followers. There are some simple to use pages on Twitter that will help you find the proper followers and on the same token help you follow like-minded peeps. I hope these Ten Tips for staying focused on Twitter will help you get started.

  1. Always begin with the end in mind, what is it you want to accomplish, why are you using Twitter and will your message be of value to the end receiver
  2. Time management, how many times a day or a week do you want to be using Twitter. What are your best Tweeting times of the day to connect with your followers (customer).
  3. Finding Friends on Twitter – these friends are really potential clients, existing customers, associated businesses, distributors, and referrals. On Twitter you can click on “Who to Follow” and then in the search bar type the key word(s) for your search. An example would be “Vancouver Island or Whistler”
  4. Being selective about who you follow will create a list of value for you opposed to just a massive list of unqualified peeps. Now you have a valuable selling tool for clients and yourself.
  5. What to Tweet? Remember your followers are of like-mind therefore they are going to “like most of what you like or that which you find of value.” This is a catch 22, if you haven’t any tweets going, who will want to follow you… Get Tweeting and you will get followers. Below you will find some Tweeting ideas.
  •  Links to valuable information (your blog)
  • Quotes – your own or from another resource
  • Photos of great and exciting things
  • Videos that you produce on your YouTube account
  • Voice Tweets – just to be different
  • Ideas
  • Questions
  • Retweets
  • Jokes
  • Current as it happens events and news from your area

      6. If you want a loyal following be a loyal follower, make comments, retweet excellent tweets and answer tweets to you. Respond to @mentions @direct

     7. Listen and share – be of value “Do not Sell”

    8. Make sure your Bio is interesting and fun – how about your graphic design is it sticky?


   9. How do I find your business website? Be sure to have a link in your bio

  10. Don’t stress just take your time and get comfortable, tweet a little every week and build on your business plan. You can always ask for help. There are many applications and blogs written to help you on Twitter but this is my favorite.

My Favorite


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