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Mt. Currie

The Third Summer Solstice Bike Ride For Humanity

Sunday June 26th, 2011 9:00am to 4:00pm

As unprepared as my body might be, I am very excited about this bike ride from Pemberton BC to Anderson Lake D’Arcy. This is no walk in the park, in fact I am a little nervous about the hills and length of the ride, which is why my girlfriend Kelly and I have chosen the shorter distance of 80km…. we will be ready for the BBQ which is included when and if we make it. All our belongings will be transported for us and in case of mechanical malfunction there are road mechanics and water along the way. The choice of distance we could choose from was 140km, 100km or the one we picked 80km. The ride for various reasons has been limited to 60 riders and I believe there is still room for a couple more enthusiasts. The donation is $65 and it includes transporting your lawn chair to Anderson Lake and of course the food once you arrive. I can tell you from my experience the scenery north of Whistler through Pemberton is stunning, the farms, fields and rivers will be glorious, but the mountains will take your breath away. (no pun intended) All registrations need to be done in advance of the ride. I am taking the “D” off Fund and making this ride a “Fun” one…. I wonder if I will be able to Tweet as I ride along.!/kiss_media


Bicycles 4 Humanity (Whistler) has 2 annual fundraisers that help allow the charity to create mobility in Africa. All year-long bicycles are donated and then stored; once enough bicycles have materialized it is time to raise money. The funds raised go directly to purchase large containers that are then shipped to Africa… the money donated pays for the shipping costs and the containers. The volunteers do everything else, and everything else is an enormous amount of organization, work, and commitment. The passion is driven by Pat and Brenda Montani a dream of theirs that has been in reality since 2008.

The People Who Benefit besides you and I

They are mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers, doctors, orphaned children trying to get to school, literally millions of African people attempting to educate themselves, and get to work from isolated areas in Namibia. They are also medical volunteers helping in the fight against Aids… Bicycles can help all these people cycle out of poverty.

Map of Journey

Preparation for Ride

This is my plea to you, I have not trained, I do not own a road bike and I’m not sure if I even have a helmet? Three years ago I rode my mountain bike in a mini triathlon and I think it was only 10km… I am doing this ride for the cause number one, the exercise is important to me as well….. but I love Brenda, Pat and about a dozen other wacky cyclists that are involved… Are you interested in having a little fun this Sunday? Dust off your bike and pump up the tires, we’re riding to Anderson Lake … See you there – we start at 9am – 10am for me (80km)

For more information please contact Brenda

 Pemberton Bike Store – starting point.

1-1392 Portage Road
Pemberton, BC V0N 2L0
(604) 894-6625



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