Top Five Things You Need to Know about Facebook

Play Safe

Play Safe

How Would You Know?

The fabulous thing about technology today is that any and everything you want to know about social media is available on the internet in your search browser. Never has there been a time in history where information has flowed so freely and in the comfort of your own home.

But wait… Is everything you read on the world-wide web true? Good question, while a lot of information on the internet comes from reliable sources you cannot rely 100% on the data… period! I highly recommend when it comes to information about social media you check the date for which it was written or taped to make sure it’s not out-dated. The speed at which networks are improving their sites can leave you dizzy. Facebook alone has recently stopped using FBML (Facebook Markup Language) and has introduced i-Frames… wondering what this all means? You definitely need someone who has their finger on the pulse daily, to keep you in the know… for heaven sakes you don’t have that kind of time… But many of us do, and freely share the information with you, when you stumble across us!

Last evening I had the pleasure of  doing a social media training session with the team from Whistler Multicultural Celebration 2011… (twitter Hashtag  #whistlermc2011) the questions and learning curve for many participants was extremely varied, but one thing was obvious not everyone understood The Top Five Things You Need to Know about using Facebook. Today I will run through your personal profile on Facebook…this is your main page on Facebook – not your Business Page or Fan Page.

What You Should Know About Facebook

  1. Never leave your year of birth visible – opt out
Hide Birth Year on Facebook

2. Remove Places on your personal computer (This is a location device and is beter served on your mobile device like Four Square)     


3. Always put who ever you friend in a list (create list) Not everyone is really your friend, some are family, business associates….


4. Anything you post on Facebook and later think you Deleted – never leaves the Internet Universe

5. Change your news feed default button to “All of your friends and Pages” (found to the right of Most Recent – the little arrow, click it and edit options)

All of your friends and pages

This is a really good start to a safer and more efficient Facebook interaction. As you can well imagine staying up-to-date with the ever-changing world of social media is too much for most people to handle. Make sure you have a reliable source to give you the information as it happens or as they feel you need to know… otherwise your efforts and time could be wasted and go un-noticed. It is very important to spend some time reviewing your privacy settings. Be thoughtful of your tone when posting and do not spam your friends, mix it up and add photos and videos… but most of all have FUN!

As a lasting note on Facebook remember this:
 It’s called “Social” Media for a reason.
Hold Hands, Share, Care, and say Thank You!


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  1. Common sense is not often that common…. and technology while fasinating to many is extremely intimidating for others… Thank you for the reminder regarding my PC and my i-Phone… you asked why I recommended removing Places… It has been recommended to me by my social media instructors… especially for home computers…not overly paranoid at all, just not that neccessary. I also don’t make post for the sake of it..I enjoy writing about many things and I have been for 1-1/2 years now… every week. thank you for taking the time to comment, you appear to be computer savy, I on the other hand am a more social being… Please subscribe to my blog and keep me on my toes… maybe you’d like to write a post for me as a guest writer… think about it….Enjoy your day!

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