Do You Know If You Can Trust Them?

If you own the business

Today it is more important than ever before to pay attention to what is being said about your business. Never before has it been so easy to lose your reputation and years of dedication to your community in a simple post on the internet, by you or by someone else. You would think you’d know who to trust, not so simple, ultimately this is your responsibility to watch what your employees and people in general are saying about your business….  Just in case you didn’t hear…. it’s fairly simple to do.

Google Alerts – the link below is one I recommend ….register and begin to monitor your business and your name today.. It’s free!

The Power of the Employee (s)

Everyone is Tweeting and Facebooking, it is fun, keeps you connected with friends and family… and now you can touch base with clients as well. A gold mine of resources can be found within your own business. How many people work for your company, how many use social media networks to connect with friends? The answer is most of them, it is within these valuable employees that you can get creative and capitalize on their connectedness… Building synergy and empowering your employees can be beneficial to marketing your business virally. Seems like a good idea right? Not always….

"A Deadly Sin"

How It Works

On the majority of networking sites you are asked to fill in a questionnaire, this becomes your profile for people to view, within the profile it usually indicates your place of employment… every post your employees make will reflect on your business. Another important aspect to note would be your employees and customers could have full access to posting on your wall. This is a good reason for reviewing your networking sites and having Google Alerts.

Social Media Policy Manual

Now on the other hand with one employee or twenty, if you take the time during a staff meeting and lay out the rules associated with your new marketing plan… including reviewing a social media policy manual with each employee you can then ask them to read and sign off on understanding the importance of positive messaging at work or on their own time. By talking about the controversial aspects of social media you have at least given grounds to enforce and protect your business. You can run contest, share posting ideas and even hold a class on creative marketing while including your employees….Employees need to understand that not complying with the company social media policy manual can lead to disciplinary action or even dismissal.

Handing Out Your Passwords

You’re not tech savvy and want someone else to be the social butterfly for your company…. It happens.. What you need to be sure of is only one other person has access to the passwords and you keep a copy of them somewhere safe. You must trust this person and check everything they do… at least in the beginning… by keeping your eye on the marketing they are doing for the company you too will learn what is working and what isn’t… this will not be an overnight success model.. social media is about building and maintaining relationships… if this is your business no one knows it better and is more passionate than you.. make sure occasionally you yourself post something… go on give it a try…

 Getting Started

If you fail to plan – then you plan to fail… You’ve heard this before and with social media it is no different. First you need to consider what your goals are…AKA… why you want to use social media as a means for marketing your business

    •  To get new customers 
    • To build relationships with existing customers
    • Increase loyalty
    •  Because it is low-cost and thus affordable marketing 
    •  Social media has taken the world by storm…

Enough reasons?… but are they your reasons?… What is it you want to say, how do you want your company to come across, how can you add value to people’s life’s? Most people are already extremely busy… are you sticky… will they want to come back?

Once you’ve struggled with those ideas it is time to brain storm with your social media employee… get your feet wet, make a post, add some pictures, comment on other people’s news feed….

IMPORTANT – it is a little hard to get your message out if no one is following you… build your following, support your followers and grow with them…. reach out to your new community and bring value to the time they spend on your networks….It will keep you and your business top of mind … and that should be your social media goal…


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