Are you listening Social Media? It’s all about my PRIVACY!


Yes this hot topic comes up at every class I teach. Not everyone wants to share with the world their personal life; and you don’t need to. You are the one that decides how much information will be made public. You decide on your personal profile who is going to be your friend. Not everyone you friend is in fact a friend, right? So why is it Facebook has not told us or given us instructions on creating friend lists? When ever you friend anyone put them into a list (create list) you might have a family list, a business list etc.

Now that you have created an avenue to control posting content including pictures and videos you can customize your viewing audience. Just knowing this basic information can help you feel more confident about using Facebook. The process is straight forward.

Creating Lists –every friend you have on Facebook needs to be in a list!

  • Go into your account settings at the top right corner of your home page
  • Click on edit friends
  • Top right-click “Create List”
  • Name your list – Friends or Family…. Does not matter what you call your list (I have eight different lists)
  • You can put people in more then one list by clicking on each box
  • No one but you can see these lists
  • Then go through your data base of friends and click on the proper people
  • Once completed click the blue box at the bottom – create list
  • Now, every time you receive a friend request it will ask you to confirm and then ask you what list

Creating tighter Privacy

My good friend birthday girl Carolyn Hill and I played with the privacy settings for weeks before actually figuring out the best method to create tighter privacy, there are two ways to engage privacy. One thing that is important to note about Facebook they are upgrading and changing almost everyday, helping you to feel more comfortable using their network. Therefor something that existed two months ago might not exist any longer.

  • In your status update bar (where is says – “What’s on your mind?” – also known as the News Feed) as you start to type a little box will appear in the lower right hand corner – it is a picture of a lock – click on the blue little arrow
  • Click it and it will ask you who can view this post
  • If you click on customize – you can then hide that post from people or lists
  • Just start typing the person’s name or the list name
  • Be aware you might have a person in more than one list
  • You can also go into your account
  • click on privacy setting
  • Click on the blue – Customize setting

Facebook Help Center

Facebook offers you an excellent resource known as the help center – this is where you can ask all your questions and hopefully find an answer so you feel more comfortable using Facebook.

  • Click on account settings
  • near the bottom is a link to the Help Center

Deleting Friends

  • Click on their name
  • Scroll down to the bottom of their page
  • On the left side click unfriend
  • or / Go into your friends list
  • Which ever list you put them in
  • Scroll around the right side until an X appears and click on it

 I hope this blog today helps you feel more comfortable using Facebook, start with your end in mind, what is it you are trying to accomplish by being on Facebook. Never divulge personal information that makes you feel uncomfortable. Have fun and be real, delete anyone from Facebook that you don’t feel is really your cup of tea. Always remember Google and Facebook are indexing all your information and posts.

You can never be too careful!


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