How to Manage Your Time on Social Media – Is it possible?

Time is Money

You and I have exactly the same number of hours in a day, but how is it you get so much more accomplished? You have children to care for, work 8-10 hours a day, cook dinner, clean the house, and still manage to look great.

The Future is something which everyone reaches at the rate of sixty minutes an hour, whatever he does, whoever she is.  ~C.S. Lewis

Time Management

I remember at a Brian Tracy seminar many years ago when he said “You cannot manage time”.. what does that really mean? I know one thing for sure I can manage my time because I am highly disciplined. Yet sometimes I can get caught up in a social media site and end up with a burnt dinner, over boiled the eggs or I’ve even let my daughter try to reach for a glass and break it because I am totally zone out on the computer…. Sound familiar?

My friend  Maggi gave me an agenda daytimer for Christmas and I am pleased to say it works really well, before going on-line each day I decide how much time I will need to carry out my social media goals for that day; because each day the amount of time spent on the computer may vary.

I strongly suggest you begin with one social site such as Facebook at least until you feel confident using and posting on it, you need to spend time building a loyal following. There actually is a secret to all this communicating, you can now link your social media platforms and only post once, it will feed into all your social media sites. Yes they have streamlined the marketing for you, by utilizing applications such as Tweetdeck and Hootsuite you simply make one post and it will automatically feed into each account. Facebook Business Pages allows you to post on Facebook and then it will Tweet that post out. In-fact today you can be on vacation and auto select the date with which you’d like specific posts to go out and no one would even know you weren’t at the office.

I personally use Tweetdeck on my i-Phone and Hootsuite on my home computer. You are able to create independent streams to check when people mention your name or company, also if your posts are re-tweeted, you can even specifically follow your favorite peeps, and glancing at all of them within minutes. Quickly reading into your news feed only takes a few minutes, about 5 – 10 minutes can be dedicated to responding to comments, liking people’s posts, while friending people and building quality relationships.

Time Wasters

This statement is highly subjective and to tell you the truth I find television to be a waste of time, where as the internet may be used as an educational tool. If you are on-line reading blogs during work hours I hope they are related to your business. Watching video after video can suck up 1/2 hour in no time… reading through the copious amount of e-mails we can get in a day is another way to lose valuable time. I suggest un-subscribing any e-mail that you haven’t read in weeks.

The Weekly scheduled Plan – 30 minutes a day

Select your specific goals for why you want to be on-line. Create a strategy.

Spend the first week watching other people and liking their posts, commenting and work towards what feels right for you.

Always post on your personal profile and start building your relationships there.

Keep your personal profile personal.

Keep your business page strictly business.

Try tweeting twice a day at different times.

You must add friends everyday to build your following

Set up Google Alerts with your name and your company name – Google will send you an e-mail notifying you once a day if that name is mentioned on the world-wide web.

Make sure you are adding value and answering your clients problems – have fun!

One last note: to create cross-pollination or viral marketing all that needs to happen is someone (one of your friends) posts or comments on your wall, this then allows that persons friends to view your posts and you theirs….so particiaption is really investing in possible future dollars, providing your product and service is something that person is looking for.

That is enough for this week, enjoy what you’re doing and encourage others by participating on their wall….


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