Is Social Media Only for the Computer Literate?

Ivy Bean at 104 Years Old

A New Age

Just like Henry Ford once said… “If you believe you can or can’t, you’re right!” There is nothing new about our computer, we didn’t like it when it first came to be and every new development is fought with anxiety and dread. Social Media is yet another way to communicate with our friends and clients. Our time is money, therefore social media is not free… no matter how anyone spins it. What social media can help you do is reach thousands of people while not costing you an arm and leg, it also stays on the world wide-web forever… or at least in cyber space. An ad in any news paper will disappear the next day or week. Social media should not stop all your print marketing, it should compliment it.

We don’t like change that is well-known…. so why not find the good that comes with learning something new:

  • new potential clients
  • new knowledge
  • a better understanding
  • separating you from your competition
  • becoming the expert
  • finding an easier, quicker way
  • Not being left behind!

Basic Understanding

Some people are very good at figuring out how to do new things when it comes to computers… remember when e-mails and word was a completely new concept for writing letters and communicating with people. Some of us had to go to class and practice for months before we became comfortable, while others simply picked up their new communication skills with ease. We are all wired differently and that is what makes the world such a mysterious place one where helping one another is helpful when it comes to social media. I like to help my clients by telling them one simple thing, Google is your new best friend… anything you want to know or learn can be found in the search bar of google… but please remember like the Oprah show… it doesn’t make it 100% correct. I recommend you also verify the date in which something was written, especially when it comes to Social Media… on a weekly base social media sites become more user-friendly, or drop areas you just became use to….


With Facebook you need not be computer literate but a basic understanding of how each section functions will certainly help you succeed. I highly recommend spending 1/2 an hour every other day walking around the home page of your profile… click the buttons and see what happens. Don’t post anything if you are not ready to. No big deal, look at what other people are saying and how people respond to their posts. Once in awhile click the like button… Really you just need to familiarize yourself before you start. With Facebook I always say go “HOME” when you feel lost… there are two ways to do this on Facebook, click the home button of course and clicking on the word Facebook above your picture.

The Language

Like anything in life… computers and social media have their own language, once again finding the meanings and answers through research on Google will be extremely helpful. Once you start using the tools and sites you too will be speaking like a real social media Guru… Take small steps and explore, we know by now social media is not going away and our customers are expecting to see our business up and running with Twitter / Facebook / LinkedIn  we also need to be familiar with social media language so we keep up our professional image. I have friends who have formed small groups that get to gether once a month to discuss social media and try to stay current. It is very easy to bring a social media teacher or coach into your meetings and usually for a nominal fee.

The Answer

If you belive social media is going to improve your business in any capacity you need to get serious about learning the best sites and techniques for you. A slow steady learning process is all you need to commit to. Ask for help and listen to other people using the tools. Inquire and practice, unfortunately a lot of people are expecting and hiring other people to keep up their social media presence, and for some businesses this works just fine….  it also can be disastrous for others. Don’t feel rushed, a well-educated approach is always best, and don’t put too much thought into being so serious, just be professional and always do the Litmus test!

I believe Social Media is for everyone and when I say everyone I can back this statement up with this last note.


Financial Post

Ivy Bean was the oldest recorded person using Twitter at age 104 years when she died July 28th, 2010 she had 57,000 followers

Former Prime Minister John Prescott: So sad to hear @ivybean104 has died. An inspiration to tweeters young & old & proof you don’t stop learning after 65! Rest in peace Ivy


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