The New World of Social Media – Are you Confused?


Why Social Media?

 Whistler Chamber Lunch

Most Chamber lunches in Whistler are sold out…Mainly due to the hard dedicated working staff at the Chamber and of course the very interesting speakers that share their valuable knowledge… I should add that the venue can also be a big draw.

The most recent lunch was no exception… the topic SOCIAL MEDIA 

With everyone talking Social Media these days you might be feeling a little behind or out of the loop if you havn’t started the process of getting aboard what seems to be the hottest means of marketing.. Everywhere you go people are talking about social media… “are you a Facebook friend of so and so…  Did you see those pictures she posted of their wedding”… how about all those funny videos making their way around the world-wide web by means of the different social media platforms.. Are you starting to feel anxious because you’re not up and running with the new buzz in marketing?

I went to the Chamber lunch to take note of not the speaker but the audience… I wanted to see how long it took the majority of the crowd to tune out… or better yet feel over whelmed with too much information…  The answer was, not long… once the speaker started talking to us in a language that quite frankly we weren’t use to hearing, our eyes glazed over and we felt doomed.. Most people today are lost when it comes to incorporating social media into their business… we want someone else to do it for us… we’ll pay someone to do it.. but then that takes away the entire reason social media was created.. Authenticity…real people sharing, caring and being honest…

Basic Understanding

If someone would just teach us a few simple things to get started… this new technology might not be so intimidating. It is a new language and it is going to take time to get it right, you might not ever get it right…but thats OK..

For example… did you know you can put your Friends on Facebook into different lists… Yes… not everyone is your friend… Some are business associates others are family, and yes then we have our Friends. How would we know how to do this? In fact there is so much to know about Facebook you’d be surprised, it is rich with valuable marketing tools and fabulous ways to share your life with those you can’t see on a regular base.

But this is the problem I am finding with most courses on Social Media… it really isn’t user-friendly.. I remember being very much a social media user when I went to California for three days to study with the queen of social media Mari Smith… I went for an intensive study of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube… when I left the course my head was spinning, all because my brain was learning a new language.. it took a few days to even be able to understand the depth of information I desperately tried to absorb…

A mind once stretched by a new idea, never returns to its original dimensions ~ Oliver Wendell Holmes

Social Media is a learning experience, best understood in small steps… Start with one platform Facebook… get user-friendly and then merge another such as Twitter… eventually you’ll learn the language, make some new friends and feel a whole lot better about the process…

PS – I don’t even recommend a Fan Page or Business Page until you understand social media a little better… you should at least be able to answer the big question  Why Do You Want To Use Social Media – What Is Your Strategy?… I mean if you think about Facebook and Fan Pages, how often do you really ever visit them again? We like pages because people ask us to click the LIKE button and we are nice people by nature…so we Do It! Remember social media will never take away face to face interaction… It really just helps keep you or your business top of mind.

Here are the Myths surrounding Social Media

  • It is only for those computer literate people
  • It takes up too much time
  • I am worried about my privacy
  • I want to keep my business separate from my personal life

After 22 years in Real Estate I found a new love… Social Media… I can honestly say this stuff is right up my alley… I am the “Social” in Social Media…I believe to introduce social media into your business it needs to be done in an easy to understand method…and it must be FUN. My new business KISS MEdia can help you carry out just that… Keep It Simple Social Media…..

Google This

In the following weeks ahead I will share with you some discoveries into all four of these highly controversial topics… Until then remember Google is your new best friend and anything you’ve ever wanted to know about Social Media can be found in the search bar… I personally don’t care for reading too much so when I search anything I always add “You Tube” and learn it through videos.


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