Holy Cow – You Have Got To Be Kidding Me!

The Poo Poo Fairy

Choice of Photo

As I realize this could be a children’s show, or perhaps you’re reading your blogs during a lunch break, I opted for the gentle version of a photo for getting the message across. Like most posts responsible people are reading them and the people who should are off doing something more productive… It’s what they are not doing that has prompted this blog today.

424 Pieces of Dog Poo

So, you think I’m kidding… well on Saturday we ventured out for a run in Alpine Meadows, all along Alpine Drive, Rainbow, and Alta Lake… Little did I know but my friend was counting dog doo doo as we ran… when we got back to my place he said 424… pardon me I said, I don’t understand – 424 different dog craps between your place and Rainbow Park, 8km down one side and back the other… Yikes… what an ugly discovery.. and embarrassing as my friend is not from here…what kind of message was that for our tourists?

My daughter walks to and from the bus playing in the snowbanks and I’ve often said to her, watch out for the dog poo… this morning I beeped my horn at a guy walking his dog, he had stopped at the side of the road, the dog craps, he pretends he is going to pick it up, waits till I drive by, and then continues walking… I beeped my horn… irresponsible pet owner… Last week I picked up a hitch hiker… only to realize she had stepped in dog crap… It’s everywhere she said to me… I know I said… Don’t worry I can clean it up… Imagine that, your dog craps and I clean it up… what next?

This is the straw that broke the camels back

 Last week two dogs are in my backyard, my sister says those dogs are crapping in the yard, I go out on my deck to witness the dog doing its business next to my daughters igloo, I look around to the road…. the dog owner is standing there, I ask her to clean up after her dog, she says I don’t have a bag, I’ll run home and get one…

Imagine your dogs being in the house all day, you coming home taking them for a walk, they disappear into the neighbor’s yard… and you stand there with your finger up your nose… give me a break what could you possibly be thinking your dogs are doing in my backyard?

This woman comes back and says to my friends – I know about dog poo, its in my yard as well… Now you tell me does this make it OK to let your dogs run wild in my yard… Let’s be adults here.. I don’t have a dog, love them, don’t have one… you do and with this dog ownership comes an unwritten rule of respect and responsibility… dogs need to do their business…

 You need to be the change you want to see in your backyard… you need to feel the pride of your dog ownership… It’s really basic science… I’m mean this is all common sense, right?


 Children get on and off the bus to walk home from school, young kids  7, 8, 9… and people who own dogs need to be aware that sometimes a child doesn’t know your dog is actually friendly, while it’s standing in the middle of the road barking.. Come on Whistler it’s time to clean up, leash up and act like a responsible dog owner.

Spring is here, the snow is melting more people are out walking and riding bikes, make room on the trails let someone know you’re coming up behind them on a bike, or that your dog is friendly…. tighten the leash as we walk by… you do not know if that person is afraid of animals because of a traumatic experience as a child… You know some people are not animal lovers… Our dog died last Christmas and we miss Roxy… but what I don’t miss is cleaning up all the dog crap!

http://bit.ly/poodog – The Guardian

Black Bear in Yard

Somehow I don’t mind cleaning up after the bears… Once I found a bear bell !!!


I would like to add that we also have a community of very responsible dog owners, who diligently pick up after their dogs. Thank you for this…. you all know who you are… Please send this blog to any dog owner that needs to be reminded…


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