What Right Do you Have?

Women's Rights

March 08th, 2011

Living in Whistler has its benefits… such as the copious amount of networking opportunities there are available here for entrepreneurial women and those women that just like getting out into the community… such as myself.

The date above reflects the 100th year anniversary of International Women’s Day. The very first International Women’s Day was in 1911…On this particular day we gathered to pay our respect…to millions of women before us who have fought for equality, respect, and basic rights for women all around the world… we also celebrated the many victories…


A young woman from Vancouver got together with her girlfriends and said “Lets Do Something” to honor International Women’s Day… as simple as making a suggestion to a friend and within weeks a Celebration was formed just outside Whistler… The Brew Creek Centre http://www.brewcreeklodge.com/

The venue was a perfect setting to gather some 60 plus women… an evening of networking, mentorship, education, spiritualism and delicious organic food… what a night it was…and affordable $65

Organic Foods

The main conduit for this evening was Melanie Anne a vivacious young woman from Vancouver who aspires to help every woman live an extraordinary life…


Award-winning International Guest Speaker, Suzanne Kyra

Now here is a petite woman who exudes energy and a love for life… a real firecracker. Suzanne had us in laughter and tears and smiling the entire evening… the talk was hosted in the “Sacred Learning Space” at the Center… Calm, relaxed and peaceful

Suzanne Kyra’s message

  • Happiness is a choice worth making
  • Self-awareness and respectful, empowering relationships
  • Laughter – seek it
  • Move from disconnection to connection
  • Stay away from panic, fear and despair
  • Focus on your strengths and deal with your problems
  • I am the world
  • We are sizzling and sexy
  • What lies in your Heart… needs to be in your Mind

Kathy Barnett – Leadership Luncheon

The Friday before I had gone to another gathering of mainly women, this event was held at the Fairmont Chateau Whistler, almost 300 guests and once again a nominal fee of $65. I’m not sure if it was also part of International Women’s Day… but …why not..

 The event was a  fundraiser for Kathy Barnett memorial Fund; they too had another fabulous speaker Laurel Douglas, CEO of the Women’s Enterprise Center.. We honored many women at this luncheon, those who dedicate their lives to helping other women.. whether by mentorship, moral support, or financial support.

Not surprising the event was organized by a young woman who wanted to see a legacy from the unfortunate death of another amazing woman who once graced Whistler.. Their mission is “Lighting the way to community through investing in local women”


In 1878 Dr. Emily Stowe launched an aggressive campaign (Suffrage) seeking the same rights as men to vote in Canada… BC women won the right to vote in 1917… for aboriginal women it would take another fifty years.

Suffragettes campaigned for the rights of women to vote. The real word “Suffragette” comes from the derivative ‘ Suffrage”.. which means the right to vote. International Women’s Day honours the work of Suffragettes… It celebrates women’s successes and reminds all of us of the inequities still awaiting the world to fix….

Where Have We Come From?

We emerged from burning at the stake as witches, from physical & sexual abuse… from being stoned to death, raped and tortured, to watching our husbands and children murdered in front of us.. from having no rights, no say, nowhere to turn… no votes, no religion, no honor… from devastation, humiliation, and disgust…

 To one of strength, profoundness and belief…we have a journey ahead of us, but we have come so far, we must not leave the rest of the women behind.. we must continue to build hopes and make dreams and support each other… to educate and not accept prejudice… we are the nurtures, the mothers, the wives, and the sisters… we are the hope for peace and understanding in a world of chaos… We are the tomorrow of a yesterday gone wrong… we need to build, and mend and hold civilization accountable for any abuse and wrong doing.. it is not ok and it is not acceptable… we cannot sleep knowing there is still work to be done.. but we will rest and we will work with all of humanity(mankind) together as one…

Below is an incredible walk down Canada’s memory lane of Women and Politics

There have been many successful & powerful women through-out history….Here are The Top Ten …



The phrase “rule of thumb” is derived from an old English law which
stated that you couldn’t beat your wife with anything wider than your thumb.



  1. 1

    What is so sad is that globally, there are many places, governments and religions that want to hold women in a ‘place’ a thousand years ago. I am hopeful that the internet, FB, Twitter and strong global leadership will help change this. Wonderful message Heather.

  2. 2
    suzanne Says:

    Hello Heather,

    WOW! I love your website and your message. Also, thank-you for your wonderful testimony. May I use it on my website. Here is to us the women in the good hood.

    With Joy and Gratitude,

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