Growing Up Whistler

Tashi ♥

Today we are very blessed, my daughter Tashi asked if she could write a blog about growing up in Whistler with Alopecia Areata (AA).. What is that you ask?????

Alopecia Totalis

 Is the rarest form of hair loss 1-2%, you lose all your hair on your scalp as well as eye brows, lashes and body hair. The cause of AA is unclear, but it is now believed to be an autoimmune disorder. It has been linked with stress in some cases, however many people with stress-free lives have experienced Alopecia. Tashi was a three-year old child when we noticed the start of Alopecia, within six months she was completely bald – this is her story in her own words.

Hello my name is Tashi Kawaguchi and I have grown up in a small town called Whistler, but that is not what I wanted to talk about. I want to talk about how I lost my hair. Well here’s how it all started.

 I was only three years old when I lost ALL my hair. Not one speck was even left. We had just returned from Hawaii and little patches of hair could be found on my pillow each morning. It started with just a little circle, but kept growing… until I was bald.

 It did start growing back the next year when I was four, and what do you know – I lost it all again. It was really heart breaking. I never knew anyone else who was bald like me. We bought a wig but I pulled all the hair in front out trying to keep it on my head… So momma bought me head scarves in every color.

 People don’t think about how important your eye brows and lashes are, but it keeps dust out of your eyes and when you’re swimming in a pool without lashes your eyes burn and it is hard to see. My eyes are always red. Sunlight is also extra bright.

Tashi ♥ Tyler ♥ Mitchell

I realized soon enough that there are far worse things to have besides AA, yesterday my mom showed me a video of a beautiful woman who flies planes and she was born with no arms; she said she was uncomfortable when people stared at her; I feel that way too, especially at the pool after swimming.

BFF ♥ Tashi ♥ Kaitlyn

All my friends say they don’t think about me having no hair, they love me and I am beautiful with or without hair. Some people give me things little chocolate cake and presents because they probably think I have cancer and am having chemotherapy.

Christmas in Cambodia

When I was six years old my mom and friends at the Teddy Bear Daycare decided to raise $10,000 to help a small village in Cambodi grow a vegtable garden and a fresh drinking well .

This was to learn how other children in the world live and so I could appreciate where I lived. I saw videos and pictures of children living in a garbage dump and with arms and legs missing because they live in a country where war has been and bombs lay in fields until some poor child steps on one and it blows up.

Christmas in Cambodia

 My auntie Michele bought me a new wig for Grade Four, I love it but yet I still walk the earth with no hair. I said I would give anything to have my hair grow back but it hasn’t. I’ve done Chinese medicine  (wow that was some of the yuckiest stuff I have ever tasted before), rubbed health products into my scalp, right now I sit for 30 minutes under a heat lamp… all thanks to my auntie Michele who keeps trying everything to get my hair to grow.

I don’t get to excited when a few hairs grow around my eyes or on my head because they have always disappeared. I still pray for hair too. Someone told me you lose one thing and get another. I am a great dancer and I can sing too.



  1. 1
    Tillie Says:


    You are an amazing little girl & we all love you no matter what…

    hugs, kisses, & tons of love,
    Tillie, Shane, Dalton & Ry-Lee

  2. 2

    This is absolutely incredible Tashi — thank you for sharing your story. You are so beautiful…inside and out!! Enjoy every minute of your lovely life for you have amazing gifts to offer.

  3. 3

    And you are a beautiful girl – inside & out! What a great blog – well done Tashi!!!

  4. 4
    Shankar Raina Says:

    Tashi, you are beautiful! I would love to hear you sing someday. Choose to be happy always!


  5. 5
    Rhonda Says:

    I simply love you Tashi.

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  7. 7
    Ali Says:

    Wow Tashi! That was fantastic! It’s amazing how well you can put words to your experience! I think you can add writting to your list of skills along with singing and dancing!

  8. 8
    aunty Di Says:

    not only are you a great dancer and singer but now you can add writing as just another one of your mainly talents. you rock girlfriend and we love you big time. keep up the good work uncle jim and I look forward to ready more from you. see you soon;)

  9. 9
    Kelly Jean Says:

    Wow, thenk you for sharing your story! You are amazing and beautiful! Never stop writing, I look forward to more.

  10. 10
    Penny, John and Janel Says:

    Hey Tashi,
    We have always kind of thought of you as Janel’s “big sister”, initially because of your birthday being at the same time as Ayla’s (Janel’s older sister that didn’t live)…then as you grew up, it was for your generosity and vivacious personality, but now I’m proud to think of you as Janel’s big sister because you are an amazing and wonderful young role model who can teach us ALL some life lessons! I’ve noticed that the most traumatic things in life end up being our biggest “gifts”. We love you Tashi! xoxoxo
    BTW…Your confidence and radiance make it hard to notice any lack of hair.

  11. 11
    Norm Says:

    Awesome you beautiful little girl ! XO

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