Do You Ever Go Somewhere And Never Want To Leave?


Rammed Earth Home

Ladies Night Out

Sometimes in Whistler knowing the right person will land you an invitation you wouldn’t normally receive. Last week such an event happened and I was the lucky recipient of an invitation for dinner with eight other women to Bob and Marie-Anne (Prevost) Deeks beautiful home in Whistler-Cay Estates. Bob Deeks is the Principal of RDC Fine Homes, Immediate Past President of the Canadian Home Builders Association and an Executive member of the Sea to Sky Home Builders Association… Bob and his highly talented team built the home we were having dinner in.

What is a Rammed Earth Home?

When Bob first explained the name of this home as the “Rammed Earth Home” I must say it caught me off guard as I found the name confusing, yet once explained it made perfect sense. If you know RDC Fine Homes you’d understand the terminology of Built Green. RDC is a certified leader in environmental construction and promotes green building practices. Building a home with this in mind saves the owner money because the house is more efficient. This home in particular is also known as a net zero home. A zeronet energy building (ZNE) is a popular term to describe buildings with zero net energy consumption and zero carbon emissions annually. WIKIPEDIA

Building with the Enviroment in Mind

Bob explained that this home is certified R2000 and built Green Platinum with an Energuide target of 88-90. The standard grade for Energuide is only 80. This home is a leader in sustainable building technology… and to be honest I needed to Google a lot of this information to even begin this blog. The video below explains some of the concept behind the Rammed Earth Home, you can also find more information on RDC Fine Homes website. I especially enjoyed watching the videos, as the home is explained in three different building stages.

A Couple of Interesting Points

  • RDC’s Rammed Earth Home is the first of its kind in the Sea to Sky Corridor
  • The Rammed Earth Home is exceptionally Energy Efficient, highly durable
  • The heat that rises in the house including from the fire-place is captured in vents and re-distributed to heat the floors and as domestic hot water
  • The corian stairs inside the home were made from re-claimed marble from the renovation of Brentwood Mall in Burnaby
  • The original source for the corian marble was from a quarry in Nanaimo
  • The coloring of the walls is captured through the Ramming process as is the layers for the walls
  • The timber used in the home was also sourced locally from standing dead Douglas Fir

All of these carefully engineered methods lead to a smaller“Environmental Footprint”.

6618 Cedar Grove Lane


  • Cheese platter / Grapes / Rainforest crisps
  • Herb Gnocchi & Asparagus w/Chanterelle Cream Sauce
  • Beef Tenderloin w/ Garlic mashed potatoes / Roasted Carrots
  • Spring salad
  • Lemon Tart w/ Candied zest
  • Preseco / Rigamarole white / Eternum Viti / El escondido de Don Domenico
  • Coffee and Bailey’s

The dinner was a live auction item from the CHBA Sea to Sky annual fund raiser. Marie-Anne and Bob were incredibly gracious hosts, and they certainly win a Gold medal in the cooking department…Each course was beautifully displayed as was the table setting itself. The home made you feel very relaxed, I thought it might have exceptional Feng shui. The colors are soft, the rooms are spacious and with all the natural materials used in the home it made me feel as if I had been there before… This gorgeous home is on the market for sale and I do recommend you put it on your shopping list.

Feng shui (or Fung shui) is an ancient Chinese system of aesthetics believed to use the laws of both Heaven (astronomy) and Earth (geography) to help one improve life… WIKIPEDIA

Georgie Awards – March 05th 2011

RDC Fine Homes has just been nominated as a Finalist in the category of “Customer Choice” Georgie Awards® powered by AVID™ for Residential Renovator. Listing Information


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