Com’mon Ladies, Isn’t It All About The Shoes?

Pretty in Pink!

Not the shoes you’re thinking of?

These babies are for real women, the girls that can trek through the dark while the temperature dips below -10 degrees…. Snowshoes are mandatory when hiking the back country and the mountains during winter time…It truly makes your life much easier, you’re faster, and more importantly you’ll stay on top of the snow… there is a reason the snowshoe was invented some 12,000 years ago. Found on ancient wall paintings it is noted that 6000 years ago in Central Asia, snowshoes were used to cross the Bearing Straight into Iceland, Alaska and then Canada.

They’ve come a long way baby

Some 10,000 years ago snowshoes were made by bending and carving wood , sewing together animal hides; and adding a leathery strap to tie your feet down. Snowshoes of years gone by were much larger than today’s style. You can usually find those shoes hanging from a wall in a ski chalet. Our snowshoes today have heel lifts for trekking up-hill, toe straps, ankle straps and claws on the underside to grip the snow on a steep incline. The creative and biomechanical aluminum today is a fit-step frame with a slight upturned and rounded tail end. Today’s engineering helps to cut muscular discomfort and the skeletal impact snowshoeing can have.. as well lighten the load on knees while reducing muscular pain, ankle joint stress and hip irritations.

Our Adventure up Whistler Mountain.

My friend Carolyn and I have snowshoed on Whistler Mountain for years… me not very regularly but when we’d go it usually was with the “Boys”… an incredible group of fit young men on the slippery side of sixty… these boys can run circles around us girls, and most twenty year olds…they go every night for about an hour and really have a tremendous time, they take along their dogs, whom have an absolute riot jumping through the snow and leading us through the night…. the guys go on and on with their inflated story telling.. and solving ALL the worlds problems… kinda like their very own little think tank…I really love going with them as I find them to be funny, highly considerate and best of all full of adventure!

A Man and his Dog - No Greater Love!

Kadenwood –

On this particular evening we chose to try a different route and experience the new gondola that runs from Creekside up to Kadenwood. We dropped our cars at the top of Kadenwood, walked across to the gondola and loaded it for Creekside…We needed to go down to hike up???? You need a special pass to load this gondola and on this night our girlfriend Janice arranged everything.

Kadenwood Gondola Pass

Once we got off the gondola we turned on our headlamps and headed straight back up the mountain..thank goodness for the heel lifts, ski poles, and rest areas….just kidding there are no rest areas, you just stop catch your breath…tell a few stories to enhance the break..and move on. The dress code is light, it doesn’t take long to build a glow… we wear long johns, light pants, winter boots, gloves, hat and a headlamp … Always remember to bring kleenex!

There is nothing better for your soul then a group of happy friends, sharing stories, laughing and then of course…celebrating the victory of a night’s adventure on the mountain…. Consider a full moon hike, it is spectacular… your endorphins are bubbling, you feel in love with mother nature and the beauty that surrounds you is magic… wow, we live in paradise…

The Girls of Winter

To finish off a great evening we all brought a little appetizer and cocktails to refresh our thirst, it was an adventure we’ll do over and over again… Now the big and most exciting news….

How Many calories Do You Burn?

I am pleased to announce you can safely burn off 400 – 600 calories in a one hour hike…if not more, because on Whistler Mountain….this is no walk in the park!




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    Hope you are surviving the last couple of years well. Challenging times we are in. Best to you.

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