Are We Caught Up In The Bullshit?

Beautiful Whistler

Beautiful Whistler



Where is the harmony?

It is unfortunate at times that the way forward is marred in controversy. From an altruistic prospective things should be simple; however as a society we seem to have legislated and regulated ourselves into a box we are finding very difficult to get out of. So many vested interests and too much bureaucracy… the so-called “Devil in the Details”

What is the bullshit? – this is noise of malcontent, of vested special interests, of trying to find a path when the focus of our community is fixed on blame, not about putting our joint energy into something more than our narrow self interests.

Understandably so, we all need to adapt to the new realities…but a shift in society is upon us, in the World, in North America and yes in Whistler… the locals are now restless and change is happening…It cannot be another plan by the man to bring the brother down..we are feeling knocked down and we need to find the strength to get back up…in fact a number of you are up and ready to talk… to come together with all your collective wisdom and begin to forge a new frontier.

The Past as we have been told does not equate to our future, but we must admit everything we have done yesterday is what created our today, so if we can mastered such an incredible existence we must have the power to manipulate ourselves towards a better future.

Look at this incredible village in all it’s architectural splendor and years of collective advice to make Whistler a place in which people from all around the globe want to touch and take away a piece of its memory. We do appreciate the passion and excitement that came with each new person to Whistler and all their detailed dreams which were eventually realized. The pioneers that came and risked so much to live this incredible life and give us all what we have today were basic in their needs, but deep within their desires.

 Then we came as expected but not fully realizing the impact we would have… we came, we too loved what Whistler offered, and we didn’t leave, we created more beds and more garbage, and with that more ways to manage our existence… like other suburbs in the world… we had babies, and friends and relatives who we invited and who to came to have a little piece of the paradise…. They called it paradise…I don’t know why…call someplace paradise, then kiss it goodbye…. The Eagles – The Last Resort… Ironic isn’t it?…The Last Resort..

Train Station Whistler


The word “community” is derived from the Old French communite which is derived from the Latin communitas (cum with/together + minus gift), a broad term for fellowship or organized society. In human communities, intent, belief, resources, preferences, needs, risks, and a number of other conditions may be present and common, affecting the identity of participants and their degree of cohesiveness.

In Whistler today we seem to have a division of needs and beliefs within a community; but one thing is obvious…we all know to sustain our existence tourism is the way forward … Whistler must have tourists if it is going to stay on solid ground.

 We still need each other and with that a need to diversify and enrich the guest experience….We are more than a ski resort, because we are more than just skiers as a society… or as a tourist. Blah Blah Blah…..

This has all been said before…over and over… but what is anyone doing to change our future?

I have an idea…. it is but one idea…it is an idea I am willing to put out there for each of us to grasp and believe in…Imagine a community coming together with a common goal…little chores each of us can do to make our home a better place… I am one person amongst 10,000…I want to try to help…participate in something together with my community, grass-roots, hand in hand. Once again I’d like to feel the pride I felt when I first arrived and during the Olympics, start saying once again “Can you believe where I live”… I still feel this way…I just stop saying it…



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    Interesting point of view you got there 🙂

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