When Do You Stop Giving?


There are many ways to give

Most people think of giving as a financial contribution….When you “Donate” financially over a certain dollar value you may receive a tax-deductible receipt… somehow I wish the Govt would figure out how to reward people for the contribution of their volunteer work…

 I am always amazed at the energy and smiles people who volunteer exude. I guess it makes sense if you choose to do something without being forced, you freely give from within yourself.

We’re going to see this population change from being care receivers to caregivers… I think that’s inevitable.
~ David Small

You have to wonder what it takes in a person who chooses to give up their peaceful evening curled up with a book, or a weekend to stand ringing a bell encouraging mostly strangers to hand over their change.

Interesting enough I learned a few years ago about an evening where Volunteers are recognized in BC. Once a year at a large dinner called The Spirit of Vancouver, the organization hands out worthy awards. A very “prestigious” evening that I recommend you attend if invited… it is thrilling to be in the room with so many wonderful souls.

Volunteers don’t volunteer for recognition. Some people have a built-in need to constantly give to their community, or they are passionately driven for a specific cause. I believe volunteerism is on the rise. As a society we are waking up to the devastation in other countries, the starving children within our own country. Today with the Internet the world has become a closer more compassionate place to live. Most people have both a conscience and a computer. If you tell me something, I may forget, but show me the crying child and my heart won’t let me forget. We always knew the need was there, we just never watched those programs on TV… Is there a bigger demand today to give? I know there are more people on this earth… that would be basic economics… more people more demand. When I starting writing this blog my mind was consumed with where to focus, which charity deserves exposure… Should I just stay in Whistler? 

I started in Whistler and ended up going all around the world…Volunteering has many hats, while cash is king, time is everything!

“It’s your unlimited power to care and to love that can make the biggest difference in the quality of your life.”

~ Tony Robbins


It all started in October when I started to think about the up coming season, that morning we needed some exercise and a little fresh air, Christine Suter organized a 5km run for Whistler’s food bank. During the same period the Whistler Museum donated all its entry fees for one weekend. The Waldorf School participated in a lantern walk which was by cash donation. A warm-hearted soul anonymously donated $1000 cash…Spring Creek Community School raised donations of 500 lbs of food.. for the Shaw “Together is Amazing” Donations were tripled by Shaw amounting in $3000 worth of food for the Whistler Food Bank.. Wow Wee

The following week I needed wood to prepare for the La Nina winter ahead… Low and behold it wasn’t hard to decide where to get my wood from…

This fall Local Automotive and Vision Pacific ran their 2nd Annual Wood Chop Sale. With help from dozens of HARD working volunteers this event raised over $4,500 for the Food Bank this year!  Special applaud to Steve Turner, Tim Reagan and Claire Ogilvie!

Another anonymous donor gave $500 to the food bank – BDO Dunwoody held a fundraiser and also collected a large amount of food and Whistler Cooks donated a gigantic number of frozen smokies that in turn were a big hit!

Salvation Armyhttp://www.mywcss.org/

  • The Whistler Arts Council hosted their annual fund-raiser “Our Whistler” Celebrating our own Whistler stories from long time locals.
  • Indulge raised over $40,000 this year with a delicious dinner and auction at The Westin Resort and Spa
  • 7th annual Community Breakfast brought in locals for a yummy hot breakfast, while collecting toys, bags of food and the cash for local families who struggle to make ends meet during this time of year…Giving everyone an opportunity to have Christmas.
  • The Santa’s Helper Program is on right now and many local businesses and groups are hosting parties and games to raise funds and presents for well deserving families
  • The Realtors Blanket Drive runs every year in November and is very successful at gathering warm coats and clothing
  • We attended the Jill Ackhurst Welcome Week Dinner and sat with eight new comers to Whistler, sharing our local knowledge…I love this dinner.
  • Rotary has an annual fund-raiser within the community every year – not to forget that Rotary volunteers fund raise every week of the year. Now that’s dedication.
  • Barb Cofield in my office is organizing the Salvation Army Bell Ringing outside our Liquor and Grocery stores
  • Whistler Film Festival – this is more than a community event the WFF brings an estimated $10,000,000 to our community every year.. I was so happy to hear Marnie Simons won the Ten Days in Whistler raffle, this young woman constantly gives of herself to our community.
  • How about the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic volunteers…that was over one month of volunteerism, and for some of us it was 10 years!
  • One of my favorite nights out is the Whistler Blackcomb Foundation Community Charity Fundraiser, I am hoping to get an invite this year.

Whistler Blackcomb Foundationhttp://bit.ly/fc8Ggo

You know this blog could go on and on… we are one amazing village among hundreds in the world trying to do our part and support locally and international charities through out the world… I applaud the many faces in our community out working endless hours to help..Especially today when economically not just the Govt is struggling. I most certainly have left many organizations and charities off this list, not because I don’t support them, I am just running out of time… please feel free to add your comments and charities to the comment section..

Little things we can do that make a big difference

I have some amazing friends here in Whistler that will jump when asked to help raise money for any reason.. They do small house parties all year-long. The clothes swap which is so much fun and always brings in a few hundred dollars. Last week the girls actually raised $500 plus plenty of toys and treats for a gift basket. We had cocktails and appetizers and laughed the night away fighting over old used clothing…

One year my daughter and I together with Teddy Bear Daycare raised $14,000 for “Christmas in Cambodia” all through bake sales and garage sales…

Back to the question…When do you stop Giving – The obvious answer is Never..You might take a rest while others join in, but you’ll be back…Volunteering makes you feel good as a person, it gives your life meaning and appreciation.. I was once told we all want to be loved.. a basic need for survival. Volunteering within your community helps you to be a part of the greater cause, it is a social good and the best way you can make yourself feel proud. You can improve your life and meet new friends at the same time… Take on a challenge and create your own community fund raiser..Trust me it is very rewarding…


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