What is better – EL Nino or La Niña?

La Niña – Spanish for The Girl

La Nina describes an extensive cooling of the waters in the tropical Pacific Ocean. To be a full-blown La Nina, the cooling waters must persist for at least three seasons. Recurring every three to five years, La Nina events are cyclical. La Nina’s can last up to twelve months.

El Nino – Spanish for The Boy

 This is characterised by variations in the temperature of the surface of the tropical eastern Pacific Ocean – warming air surface pressure in the tropical western Pacific. Bringing tropical warm weather and precipitation.

The Last week of October

A heavy Pacific storm dumped 30 cm of snow on top of Whistler Blackcomb Mountains… Here was the start to a prediction forecasted in early August 2010.. La Nina is a two to five year pattern that brings an extreme weather movement into the area without much warning…. By the middle of November 2010 most of BC was in a deep freeze… in Whistler we saw temperatures drop down to minus 16 and on the ski hill it was reported to be -30… Better known by meteorologists as an old-fashioned winter.

In Whistler we have been extremely fortunate to have La Nina as she has left the village covered in beautiful white snow… and lot’s of it. I can tell you my arms are killing me from shoveling…night and day!

2010 Winter Olympics and Paralympic Games

 La Nina is the counter-part to El Nino.. La Nina is the cold front most mountains pray for…. The weather we saw during the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games was a warm pacific weather pattern…You must remember in Vancouver the snow started to melt away with the rains on  Cypress mountain …The weather was moist and warm… but as it drifted further north up towards Whistler just 126 km away… we were in for a different outcome because of the higher elevation… all that precipitation was quickly turned into snow… the liquid rain turned into liquid gold…   SNOW and plenty of it!…Making the snow season for 2010 almost record-breaking.

Annual Snow Fall

Whistler’s annual snow fall is about 10.25 meters or close to 33 feet… Today December 1st we are sitting at total cumulate snowfall of 274 cm or 107 inches. The snow base for Whistler is 137 cm or 53 inches. Snow depths are measured at Pig Alley Weather Station – 1650 m (mid-mountain on Whistler Mountain). Please note…. it is still snowing!!


In old Scandinavian myth, Ull (“Glory”) is the God of Justice and Duelling, as well as the Patron God of Agriculture. He (She) excels in Archery and in Skiing (which is why Whistler’s hold Ritual for him/her) and live in his hall Ydalir (“Yew Dales”). He is regarded as the son of Sif and the stepson of Thor. Now get this… When the Giantess Skadi Divorced (yes even back then) Njord… she married ULLr…

Back in the old days… when skis were made of wood… Whistler Ski Hounds would gather at the beginning of each season and pay homage to the great Ullr by lighting a massive bonfire fuelled by the old wood skis.

Join the Facebook page honoring the Snow God ULLR – http://on.fb.me/hEyZrc

20 cm Rule

If you are an employer of Whistler you must know by now that on certain mornings a few people will be calling in WELL… or not showing up… all the excitement of an over-night dump just draws the avid skier/snow-boarder to feel a little queasy about missing out on all that fresh pow… They will tell you this is why they moved to Whistler… Enjoy the snow.


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