What is the Secret to a Successful Woman?

 Ali MilnerAli Milner  

Women of Whistler

Better known in this small community as WOW – The Women of Whistler meet about 6-7 times a year. The gatherings host 60-80 women and the venue could be as exotic as the Scandinave Spa to an evening in one of the many generous hotels of Whistler. http://www.scandinave.com/en/whistler/

The idea behind the WOW meetings is to give a large variety of local business women an opportunity to meet one another, exchange ideas and basically network in a relaxed friendly environment. One of the many fabulous qualities found within many women is thier ability to help others. If ever faced with a challenge or obstacle… hand it over to a woman…..you’ll find together they can come up with multiple solutions.

At these meetings, speakers are brought in to talk about a variety of business and personal topics, in each case the goal is for the women to leave feeling empowered and enriched with valuable tools and information.


Sue - Cathy - Bernie

November’s meeting – Celebraiting 10 years of WOW

What a privilege it is to be a participant during these powerful evenings when so many women give freely of their knowledge. Last evening three local women who have run many successful businesses in Whistler inspired us all by sharing their personal journey of how WOW came to be. More than ten years ago these women got together and created The Western Business Women’s Association, which eventually turned into WOW…. They shared their own struggles and visions and never regretted any of the time they spent helping other women reach their goals. They are nurturer and community minded givers, they teach us we can find strength deep down if we just look for it and believe!

“Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe.” ~Gail Devers

Sue Adams WhistlerSue Adams

Chances are if you’ve been to Whistler in the past 20 years you’ve been into one of Sue and Bob Adam’s businesses. In the heart of Whistler is the Grocery Store and up the road North of Whistler is the Pemberton Valley Supermarket… down in Function Junction you’ll find Delish Cafe and Catering…but Sue is so much more to Whistler, she is a mentor to many women including myself. Co-Founder of WOW, Vice Chair of the North Shore Credit Union and Chair of the Vancouver Playhouse International Wine Festival… not to forget countless hours of more volunteer work and a frequent speaker at many business events…. Women like Sue share their success models, strategies and beliefs… and for free! I have always admired Sue Adams and her accomplishments and caring nature to this community…

(Presently Sue is running for a seat at The Whistler Chamber of Commerce Board Elections)


Bernie Lalor- Morton

Bernie arrived in Whistler over 20 years ago from Ontario…Once she unpacked her suitcase she quickly open the Employment Center through the Whistler Chamber of Commerce. Here is another woman who has spent countless hours in this community volunteering…I first met Berni 10 years ago through the Whistler Rotary Club and again through the Chamber of Commerce where she also sat on the board. Bernie later opened her own office assisting other businesses with training consulting and management. With a Master’s Degree in Adult Management. Bernie took employment with VANOC during the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games and now has another business in Whistler “Focus Forward Coaching and Consulting” Always a pleasure to speak with Bernie as she is upbeat, open and enthusiastic…

Cathy Goddard

Cathy Goddard Whistler

Cathy Goddard

The last woman to speak on Wednesday was Cathy, here we found a woman driven with passion, intelligence and expressive. Cathy is the poster child for entrepreneurialism. Cathy started her own business in Whistler and sold it after 13 years, only to start-up a new venture “Lighthouse Visionary Strategies” much like the other two women Cathy has been a resident in Whistler for over 20 years, has always volunteered as well been a mentor to many women. Cathy writes a weekly article in the Question, serves on the board of Whistler Community Services Society, is a cohort with Leadership Sea to Sky and has tought business education programs to Whistler youths..

What does it all mean

What makes a woman successful? It would be a combination of the many things she has done her entire life… It is the seemingly insignificant things you and I do every day that turn us into who we become. The difference might be a successful woman will focus on the positive, see her goal and never take her eyes off it. Success drives success with others, and lifts spirits, she is a leader in her community and believes in others not just herself. Whistler is a very unique community filled with successful people and intelligent minds… How can a community survive without incredible women/men who give constantly in many areas of their life, in essence they sacrifice time and time again. I have just briefed over these women’s contributions and dedication to Whistler… If we all just volunteered or participated in a couple of activities in Whistler we will continue to thrive as a community rich with caring people. Going the extra mile by helping at the food bank during Christmas, or reading at the school to our children…or helping the lost tourists… you know it doesn’t really matter what you choose to do… but make a choice and be passionate about it… put it out into the Universe and watch what happens to your life… remember the more you give away the happier you’ll be….and that does not just mean financially. I am proud to call Whistler my home, excited to see the smiling faces as I walk along the village stroll, and even more honored that everyday is a new opportunity for me to get involved and give back to my community.


Photography is provided by Ruth Johnson Graphic Designs


The Westin Resort and Spa http://www.westinwhistler.com/

The Four Seasons Whistler http://www.fourseasons.com/whistler/

The Nita Lake Lodge http://www.nitalakelodge.com/

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