Don’t Read this if you are Hungry!

Earls in Whistler


I had a phone call early on Wed asking if I would be interested in putting together a group of friends to tour Earls?????? It sounded like a fun idea and usually I am pretty spontaneous…we were all so happy we took up the offer. What an amazing evening compliments of Kevin Wallace who is a partner and the Restaurant Leader at the Earls here in Whistler. Kevin has been with the Earls Enterprise for over 20 years…starting in North Vancouver. He told our invited group of ten that this idea of inviting the locals in to test food and beverages started back when he worked in the kitchen at the North Vancouver restaurant.

Our hosts for the evening were the beautiful Becky, Brooke and of course Kevin was leading the team. One of the big things I took away from this fabulous evening was if I were just a couple of years younger I would certainly be working for Kevin at Earls… they treat their team like family!

Jeff Hume

Two Hours of Glory

Our evening started at 5:30pm and went on until just after 7:30pm. Cocktails to start and you could choose anything off the bar menu… a few appetizers appeared at the table and Kevin began to bring us up to speed on ingredients, fresh-baked items and spices selected solely for Earls. The information that was shared made each person feel a little differently about this local restaurant. For example bread is baked fresh in the restaurant, some of the dishes like the salsa is an ancient mexican concoction only provided for Earls…meats are brought in fresh three times a week…little things that make a difference… the kitchen was spotless and everyone working was approachable for questions and very polite if not shy…

 Earls Philosophy – start with good honest food, add a little fun, a comfortable atmosphere (vibe) and pair everything with the perfect beverage.

Kevin and Kelly

1st – In house baked Rosemary-Oregano Pan Bread with Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Aged Balsamic Vinegar

2nd – Shrimp & Ginger Gyoza w/ Japanese Mustard & Spicy Ponzu sauces

3rd – Prawn Dynamite Roll – Panko breaded shrimp, mango, avocado, cucumber w/togarashi mayo, maple soy reduction and sriracha mayonnaise covered with toasted black sesame seeds..wasabi

4th – Hot Chicken Caesar Salad w/ Garlic or Cajun Spiced Chicken

5th – Braised Hickory Back Ribs w/ sweet and spicy BBQ sauce

6th – 9 oz Certified Angus Beef Top Sirloin w/ mashed garlic potatoes and fresh seasonal vegetables

Yes we sampled these items enough to satisfy everyone. But that wasn’t it – Kevin brought us Chocolate Sticky Toffee Pudding and fresh right out of his brand new ovens a baked Autumn Pumpkin Pie w/ fresh whipping cream…mmmmmmm in the end a few cocktails later, a full tummy, we went away with a $10 gift card as well..this was a lot of fun to do…and if you ever get this opportunity…jump on it!

I need to let you know there is probably a lot of details I am leaving out..not on purpose, I take no notes and all photos are taken with my I-Phone… check out Earls for yourself maybe on 1/2 price wing Wednsday…you’ll be pleasantly surprised.


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