Top 5 Reasons to Live in Emerald – Whistler

 Green Lake Park

First you will want to know that Emerald Estates was named because of the location – adjacent Green Lake which colors are a magnificent Emerald fed from the glacier high above.

Emerald Estates is about 10 km from the village, it use to be the last housing development before heading to Pemberton… Today a new development called Wedge Woods just a few km further north now holds that title. Wedge Woods

Emerald Estates is divided into two distinct neighborhoods – to the east of Hwy 99 are the true lakefront properties where you can moor your boat or float plane..It is absolutely surreal… To the west of Hwy 99 are the mountain top homes with stunning views of Green Lake and Wedge, Arm Chair and Whistler Mountains… Homes range from $600,000 for an old gothic A frame to brand new million dollar estates…

Green Lake Park

Something I never knew until yesterday was that Emerald Estates has its own little park on the lake “Green Lake Park” a beautiful quaint spot with public bathroom and a small beach area. I did know about the park on the westside of the Hwy 99 as you can see it from the road when driving by with its jungle gym and large grassed area.


The bus is at your doorstep and commuting to the village takes about 15-20 minutes…you can catch #43 which is Alpine and Emerald combined or #3 which services just Emerald. Whistler Wave – A Look at a few Homes

Top Five Reasons to Live in Emerald

#1. One of Whistler true Lake front properties

#2. Quiet evenings

#3. Incredible Mountain Views

#4. Direct access to hiking and biking trails

#5. The best fishing, kayaking, wake boarding, sun tanning, and if that was not enough….

The end of the Valley Trail…

In conclusion I would like to say this exercise of reviewing my neighborhoods of Whistler has been educational and fun.. If you see me driving around your area taking pictures with my I-Phone you can bet your neighborhood is next up on the blog..


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