Have you Considered Alpine Meadows in Whistler?

Thank you to the many people who have asked me to introduce the neighborhoods in Whistler…this week I will start in my own backyard Alpine Meadows

Alpine Meadows is one of Whistler’s largest neighborhoods with some 856 chalets/townhomes…. located only a 5 minute drive from the village or about 5 km making  an appealing neighborhood for families searching for their next home. Alpine Meadows has been voted number one residential neighborhood in Whistler by locals year after year.

Homes can start around $650,000 up to $3,000,000+ Townhomes $349,000+ .. You can also inquire about local housing at Nineteen Mile Creek through WHA http://www.whistlerhousing.ca/

Meadow Park Sports Centre (MPSC)

Swimming Pool http://bit.ly/bKnqqC

Meadow Park Sports Centre is part of the RMOW and as such is in pristine condition… inside and out! The center has a 25 metre 6 lane lap-pool, steam room, sauna, and hot tub plus a wonderful large kids pool with a lazy river running through it…. The fitness centre is 4500 sq.ft and comes complete with anything your coach requires… in fact if you don’t have a coach you can hire one here. There are squash courts an ice rink, eating area, out-door ball diamonds and a new outdoor stationary exercise facility. Included in all this splendor are numberous picnic tables, nice trees for shading and a children’s play area with water park… bathrooms, water fountain and tennis courts. The park area is absolutely gorgeous with big views of Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains. You will find plenty of parking or you are welcome to hop on the bus as MPSC is a favorite stop..

Valley Trail


Depending the direction you want to go the Valley Trail can take you to Nicklaus North Golf Club or north to Emerald… It also runs behind the sports centre where you can find the River of Golden Dreams and follow the valley trail south to Rainbow Park 4 km away or the Village about 5km. The trail is paved and very scenic.

Our Corner Grocery and Cafe

There is nothing like having the convenience of a local cafe in your neighborhood… Alpine Cafe bakes fresh goods, breakfast, pasta, and freshly brewed coffee of all types…an absolute favorite with the locals…you can also find great little picnic tables outside to enjoy the day and order a frosty mug of beer. The grocery store is perfect for the mornings when you run out of milk or butter…just send the kids.


Whistler Senior Secondary

A big perk is not having to drive the kids to school any longer… Whistler junior and senior combined is located perfectly at the entrance to Alpine.


Like most areas in Whistler you can find a bus stop every few blocks including a school bus for the children. Most bus shelters are covered protecting you from the rain and snow as well equipped with map routes and schedules.


Next time to find yourself driving around Whistler stop by the neighborhood of Alpine Meadows…enjoy a coffee at Alpine Cafe or grab a sandwich and head to one of our many parks…the locals are very friendly and would love to show you around!


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