Do You Recognize This Photo?

It was Sunday evening and we were driving up Hwy 99 on our way back to Whistler after spending 3 days in the Okanagan researching the vineyards and the great harvest season…

Along the Hwy

I thought I noticed something on the tree as we sped by at 100km or maybe it was 80km… not sure as usual I was not driving… at least not in the driver’s seat. I didn’t think much about it until 10km later I spotted it again… mmmm I decided to pay close attention to the trees and rocks as we made our way up the highway… there it was again… this time I could make out that it was a head… looking much like Elvis… and there were words… shiny glow in the dark writing.. We went by to quickly for me to make out the words…. 15 minutes later there it was again…

Slow Down

I requested my driver to go a little slower, something was very peculiar and I was in need of an answer…. by now we have gone through Squamish and were almost in Whistler… Funny how this little game made the drive fly by…. Finally I spotted one right outside Function Junction… Pull over I said…nicely… we hoped out of the car and sure as heck…someone had taken great effort to produce 10×10 inch chloroplast signs, well-developed postcards with a picture of a head wearing what we believe to be a phone piece and sunglasses…GET SMART is what it says.. that’s it.. simple message.. Don’t talk on the phone with your hands while you drive… Hands Free Please or Hands on the Wheel, Eyes on the Road…


Once back at the cabin I jumped on my trusted computer and as Google is my new best friend I search for these words using tags like Whistler, Hwy 99, or Squamish… Nothing came up…

A Highway Campagne

unannounced to the rest of the citizens in the Sea to Sky corridor someone is very concerned with the driving and talking on your phone phenomenon. This week on CBC I was listening to a discussion around the new law of driving and texting or talking on your phone. Did you know that more accidents are happening today than before the law was brought in? Reason being is people are still using their hands to make calls, only now they are trying to hide while doing it, which is causing their heads to be down…So now two things need to be adjusted to get back to “Eyes on the Road”… Your head needs to come up and then your eyes need to return to the road.

The Drive

The Sea to Sky Highway is one of the most beautiful scenic drives in BC there is so much to take in and admire… often it is hard to keep your eyes on the road when mother nature has given us such beauty. This is why we now have a number of pull-outs and rest areas. Places to take pictures and admire our gorgeous country. I would hope common sense and respect for your fellow driver would help you to consider pulling over if you need to text or purchasing the “Bluetooth” might be another option…


On Facebook this week a conversation was started about the speed at which some drivers use on this hwy… I remember people saying before the highway enhancement program was brought in, that it was very dangerous to drive and that many people are being killed. Let’s be honest, with the exception of bad weather conditions, it is the drivers that make the highway safe or not. Things you might want to do while driving along our fabulous new highway might be to pull over and smell the roses…take in the beauty and snap a shot… tweet it out or post it on Facebook… but slow down and keep your eyes on the road. On a side note I received a birthday gift of a bluetooth.. I think they also make a great stocking stuffer for someone you love.


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