Iron Chef Whistler – Battle of the Halibut

Nautical Norm (NN)

The Fish

It all started when the gang got themselves up to speed on Facebook… We found it easy to share photos and follow each others journey through the summer… Nautical Norm (NN) as he is referred to spent the summer on his new boat “Annie’s Buoys” with his Dad “Alberni Kirk”…

With two months vacation under his belt NN hit the seas with his papa… what a summer they had. Bountiful catches of Salmon, Halibut, Cod, Prawns, Crab, and my new favorite Skate… This supplied the gang with a summer of BBQ’s and dinners galore…. There had to be more to this equation than supply and demand .. We found it!

Women’s Fishing Derby

Second weekend in August brave NN invited four women from Whistler to his roost in Victoria, not a bad pad on the ocean…  the weather all summer absolutely incredible… except when the girls launched in Beecher Bay… It rained, it poured, it blew and blew and blew us all the back to the dinner table… where we had an incredible feast of seafood prepared by NN and our good friend Jamie. An idea is born…

 Whistler Iron Chef Battle of the Halibut

In order for all us  to celebrate the bounty of the end to summer, which coincides with my  Birthday we decided to have a competition, much like our earlier years Chili Cook-Off

 Tashi ♥

NN would give the Halibut to each contestant – the competitors would arrive with all ingredients in preparation for cooking….

We started with Champagne and Oysters on the half shell shucked by solitaire Steve…

 Piper -Heidsieck Champagne

The competitors lined up at 7:55pm to received instructions to the competition and their slab of Halibut from NN… they were anxious it was obvious, they could hardly stand still for the photo..

The clock started and the mayhem began… serious competition set in…. where’s the oven mitt, where’s the flipper, salt, pepper….where where where…where is everything. It was all there, they just needed to focus relax and trust all their recipes and preparation would pay off…

Chef – Time?: 3 minutes to go

Chef – Time? 1 minute prep plates…. DING – All plates on the table….

An absolutely stunning display for the senses… such passion and fun derived from each dish and excitement all along the journey. We were blown away at how everyone put their dish down at the same time… all dressed prepped and cooked!

The Forans & momma Donna prepared Old English Fish’N’Chips

The Hills prepared Palm Desert Fish Tacos

Natural Elements Suze prepared garden grown herb Halibut with lime

Shanghai Mei prepared a Asian Spiced Halibut

Solitaire Steve prepared a sexy women steal from Nesters (needed to be here)

The Winner!!!! Dave Foran and Momma Donna ♥

The winner received two full days fishing in award-winning Port Alberni aboard Annie’s Bouys with NN and his papa Kirk as their trusted and obviously talented fishing guides… Congratulations!!

This was one of the best birthdays with friends gathered together that I can remember… thank you for an awesome evening..


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