What To Do When It Rains In Whistler?

30 Years for Terry Fox Day


I knew we needed to be at the start for 10am… but it was raining. Would the volunteers show up, what about people to run, walk or ride?

There of course are two ways to find out – head down to The Four Seasons Resort Whistler or read about it in the paper. Kelly texted me at 9:06am – are you coming? Really that was what I needed to kick-start my day, the encouragement of a friend eager to do her part for society and sticking with her commitment to run the race… http://www.fourseasons.com/whistler/

314 runners showed up at the FSRW and despite the rain they were dressed to go, some people really got into the spirit and dressed themselves up quite colorful. Put your hands together for the 54 volunteers that braved the weather….The Terry Fox Run is a family event and participation is encouraged through the schools. My girlfriends son Tyler was asking for pledges last night at our dinner party, we were happy to help him reach his goal. There were parents running with strollers and little kids about 3 years old riding their little bikes. A nice twist to having the event at the FSRW was yummy Splits Grill preparing and flipping the burgers… and they were good! The prizes drawn after the race were amazing from golf for two in Texas, to a trip to the Four Seasons in Hawaii – Golf shirts, First Aid kits and lots of other goodies to be won…. You just needed to be there and support the cause. http://www.splitzgrill.com/

Together the community helped raise $15,843.88…Amazing contribution put foward for the fight against Cancer.

Rotary Family Fun Day


This will be the Rotary Club of Whistler’s fourth year for hosting this family fun day. Despite the rain the kids were having a ball, again this year Morphy the Caterpillar was present and the bouncy castle was there, a three-legged race, scavenger hunt, and live music compliments of Glenn Mishaw – and what a nice voice he has singing cheerful songs for the family to sing along to. Rotary’s goal might have been to help educate the locals on Recycling, Bear Smart, the Whistler Sailing Association and Fisheries Stewardship Group… The Honorable Mayor Ken Melamed played soccer with the little kids, the RCMP had a presence with the Red Serge Officer walking around… Games, Music and the BBQ with Ice Cream… kids don’t care if it is raining…a perfect day no matter the weather.

Whistler Secondary School


 Whistler’s Farmers Market runs from June 20th  until October 10th http://www.whistlerfarmersmarket.org/ This market is located in the upper village on Blackcomb and has an array of fresh local produce, arts, jewelry, soaps, many original home made items… this Sunday the Senior Secondary School hosted a Corn Roast at the market, these youths from a mix of grades are raising money for a trip to Japan – Karuizawa – Whistler’s sister city. This is all part of a Cultural Exchange Group and these kids are embarking on a life changing opportunity, while not depending entirely on their parents for funding.

In the End

So you see on this rainy day in a small town of 10,000 locals and maybe a few thousand tourists today, we came out and supported each other, brought umbrellas and smiles and went about life not allowing the weather to decide our choice… Yesterday was Nesters Customer Appreciation Day, and it rained a little but was well attended. Whistler Community Church this morning had a great turn out as well. Walking around the FSRW were familiar faces and volunteers having a great time, the Rotary Club showed no signs of disappointment due to weather and yes the sun came and went all day long…Life went on all the merrier because of our attitudes. A friend of mine always says “Your Attitude will decide your Altitude.” I hope you all enjoyed this fabulous weekend.



  1. 1
    Elena Says:

    Hi Heather,
    Thank you for coming out on Sunday! Can you believe we had 314 runners come out that rainy morning, 54 volunteers and together raised $15,843.88? Amazing!! Thank you to everyone who came.

    All the very best,

    Elena Beveridge
    Marketing & PR Manager
    Four Seasons Resort Whistler

    • 2

      Thank you Elana for giving me the numbers I really appreciate the cooperation… Seems lately the FSRW has been doing a lot of fun things with the community… Have a great day!

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