Enjoying all the Sea to Sky has to offer!

Friday Night

http://bit.ly/9oer5f  Fairmont Chateau Whistler

Tennis anyone?

 On Friday evening 6-8 pm the tennis courts at the Fairmont turn into a fun-filled few hours of learning laughing and competition. The instruction is from local tennis pro Jamie Grant. Drills are what Jamie teaches and he explains how to score, serve, as well strategy and positioning…you play mini games with challenges and prizes to follow… Cocktails are in the Mallard Lounge… ($25)

Saturday – Whistler Bike Trails


Kelly & Janice

We took full advantage of the clear and not so hot afternoon to bike from Alpine Meadows through Nicklaus North and up Old Gravel road towards Lost Lake. At the entrance to the Frisbee Golf Course is the trail Molly Hogan. Now this trail is popular so you need to careful of other bikes coming around the corners. Most riders are not aggressive and tend to make sure you have plenty of space to get by one another. The trail is really a lot of fun, set deep into the forest with plenty of light and good width to the track. Some corners are a little sharp and a few hills….You end up coming out at the food stand at Lost Lake… Just follow the paved trail out to the gravel road and head towards the village… Just before the Austrian House and Fitzsimmons bridge on your right is the entrance to Tin Pants… Love this ride and trail for jogging, a few hills and simply gorgeous… look outs along the way and plenty of areas to pull off the trail and have a rest. Total time out was 2 1/2 hours…

Scandinave Spa


We cycled out to Highway 99 and headed towards Whistler Camping and RV Park… on our way to soak our bones in the luxury of the pools at Scandinave Spa. You can soak in the pools all day for $55 and it is absolutely stunning what they have created here in Whistler..Very magical..



  A quick BBQ on my home deck with a few friends from the city.. grilled eggplant, red/yellow peppers and sweet onion… with tenderloin steaks.. We then called a cab around 9:30 pm and headed into the village to meet up with more friends and enjoy a cocktail on the outside bar at Araxi.. I love this setting and the fact you can people watch right in the center of village square is a riot… The service at Araxi is professional, friendly and the little treats they gave us covered off dessert…

Sunday Morning 10am


Janice & Susan



Squamish Chief is not a hike for the weary… it is very similar to the Grouse Grind in North Vancouver. The Chief as it has been affectionately named is about 45 minutes south on Hwy 99 from Whistler… A rather large granite rock that usually has many a climber taking a much different route than myself. This extremely steep up-hill hike lasts just about an hour – each way… plenty of room on the trail to move over and let the speedy ones zip by… Take your camera, the view from the top is phenomenal… you can see across the ocean to the Gulf Islands and right up to Garibaldi Mt range… stunning…oh did I mention very high… Almost 2000 ft. Bring a sweater for the top it can get windy and make sure the stronger hiker in your group carries plenty of water for you…



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    This is really so much to do! … thank you for the great post! & your Blog!
    Love His Sonshine

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