What Would Summer be without a Backyard BBQ?

Thursday evenings at The Four Seasons Resort Whistler



One of my very favorite places to go in Whistler is to the Four Seasons, it is a cozy setting among the gorgeous backdrop of our picturesque mountains…. Last summer the Bistro and Bar started a series of evenings for welcoming everyone; each night has a different theme to accommodate all budgets. It was a challenge for the Four Seasons to attract the locals and tourists in their first year but that seems to have all changed this summer… The 7 Days 7 Events All Summer Long… Is back! I can tell you from experience it is an evening you’ll want to take your friends family and business associates as well.

Salmon Run Sundays $22

Fish Fry Mondays $12

Taco Tuesdays $10

Wine Down Wednesdays 50% off wine bottles (WOW)

Backyard BBQ Thursday $26

5:01 Fridays $3 Whistler Brewing Draft

Black Tai Saturdays $8 Black Tai Cocktails

You may have noticed I have hi-lighted my two favorites…My friend John Ryan said there is no better deal in town than the Wine Down Wednesdays. Just last Thursday we went to the FS and sat out on the patio, it had a feeling much like a wedding reception and not a BBQ because there were so many people… Children everywhere, I wished I had brought my little girl, she would have loved it…. Dancing and games, after dinner ice cream treats and the food for children looked so lip smacking that we couldn’t help but have some….

We arrived early while the sun was blazing and the entire atmosphere was filled with excitement…. Kids were playing games, people were walking on the trails surrounding the ponds, and the music was filling the evening air. I wanted to pick up my phone and invite my friends over right away to enjoy the festivities. On Thursday evenings local artists Greg and Doug better known in Whistler as “The Hairfarmers” play live music in the courtyard and really get the house rocking. They always play my favorite Johnny Cash along with some goodies like the Eagles, Bob Dylan, U2…. they have over 3000 songs in their repertoire…

Sue and Bob Adams


When the sun set the servers arrived with blankets for our laps and heat lamps for those not under the elegant tarp. The food was as delicious and plentiful as one could want – lamb, chicken, salmon, ribs, corn in the husk, mussels and clams, salads, macaroni (for the kids)…something to fit all pallets. The chefs kept the grills going with fresh items right up until closing at 9pm… the Hairfarmers only took minimal breaks and the servers came around and made sure everyone was having a fabulous time…

 The staff from every level at the Four Seasons are professional and friendly, they always make you feel very welcome.

It was like your own neighbourhood block party, local faces and happy tourists. People out enjoying the summer and all the wonderful activities Whistler offers.


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