Goldilocks and the two bears

In the story book there were three bears

Preparing for our girls fishing trip to Victoria a few weeks ago I telephoned my girlfriend to complete our carpool arrangements. She sounded a little panicked… I inquired about what was wrong… this was her story..

We have lived in Emerald for several years and have had the same summer visitor come by the house each year… Momma bear, and most recently her cub…  I was out for the evening having dinner at Nicklaus North (The Den)  after a spectacular day of golfing with the girls…  My husband arrived home alone, he walked into the house and  turned on the lights, as he headed into the kitchen he could see the house was in one heck of a mess…. something did not seem right, and boy did it stink, lo and behold staring at him through the kitchen window was momma bear….the peices began to fall into place.. after scaring the bear away he proceeded into the living room only to find more mess and more bear droppings… the bears were not in the house long, but the damage was severe. He called his good friend who lived next door and between the two of them they cleaned the house as best they could before I returned. The bear cleaned out the fridge and all the drawers… dumped the rice, flour and canned goods everywhere…a real house wrecker.


We awoke to the sound of breaking glass, and sure enough momma was back for more of my home cooking… she knocked over the wood pile and was trying to get back into the house… we were scared…grabbed the axe and started to make lots of noise…. off they ran.


Believe it or not the two gangsters came back for a third try at getting in…this time we called the Conservation Officer Service and within hours they arrived.

A long day and night

 The officers brought along the famous bear cage and a well thought out plan… we too were part of the new strategy for getting the bears into the cage. For starters we needed to be very quiet and use cardboard signs to talk back and forth with the officers….they needed to get momma bear into the cage first and have her take a little bear nap….of course a little help was administered via a very long needle… next was to coax the little baby bear who was crying up the nearby tree, to come down and get into the cage with momma… By 11pm that evening exactly that had happened.

The old baked pie story

Don’t believe it, my good friend while she is an incredible cook had no such treats on the counter, the window from which the bears gained entry was hardly big enough for a small garbage to entice them no cooking all day… The point is you should lock your doors, close your ground windows and never leave garbage around the outside of your home. I remember when I was in Africa one year reading this sign with regards to monkey’s…


The End

We believe the two bears were tagged and flown far into the mountains. The unfortunate reality is – if they return to Whistler they will be dispatched.

The link below was just released by Vancouver Sun today…unbelievable…


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