Should you pick-up hitch-hikers?


Whistler is a small town and full of young adults working here for only a season or two… A lot of kids work a few jobs just to afford rent in this resort, it also allows them to bank up for the expensive winter season. Buses get missed, sometimes they are late…and beleive it or not  sometimes we just can’t afford the fare…

Should you stop?

Well I must admit I have picked up hitch-hikers for years… I was once a hitch-hiker. I don’t pick up everyone I see and sometimes I am in too much of a hurry to stop…often I will see someone waiting for the bus and swing into the stop and ask them if they’d like a lift to the village.

I have met some great teenagers and adults…. I love to ask them their life story and where they are from, my favorite question… what is it that brought you to Whistler?… generally I like to spread a locals welcome… I think if a hitch-hiker appears to be just that, then my instincts give me courage to pull over. When my kids are in the car I seldom stop unless I recognize the person…  

Brodie – Nice young man in his early 20’s from Montreal… very excited to be in Whistler, he said this was his dream come true – skiing this season in Whistler was one of his graduation goals. He is working two jobs to save as much as possible so he can enjoy the winter treats of Whistler. Great outgoing attitude, and I would hire his inspiration.

Angela – This beautiful young woman came to us from Paris, Whistler she said to me happened by Fate….wow, it sent shivers down my arms, she reminded me of what I use to say every morning when I awoke in Whistler… How very lucky I was to live in paradise…

Chad – Now here is a young man (tall) who called Whistler home…although the more we talked I found out he was actually from Nova Scotia, his dad lived here and was on the search and rescue team… I think the kids love to call Whistler home… he said it looks good on his resume.

A Word of Caution

I did stop once and picked up a young man who scared me for a few years… not that I thought he was dangerous, but he had some mental problems as best I could tell… Once you allow a stranger into your car you could be at their mercy… Be careful always and if it doesn’t seem right….keep going. There are laws to picking up hitch-hikers on provincial highways, and municipal laws as well…Your insurance can be effected if you are in an accident… I will call the RMOW tomorrow and update my blog with our by-laws to hitch-hiking.I called – no by-law only enforced through the RCMP


I stop because I love the conversations and comments I get from these first time visitors/locals. I always find the WHY in each hitch-hiker. When I drop them off I feel good, I am proud of our Whistler and the so-called transient people it brings through… You know everyone has a story.. We just need to ask more questions and listen…people like to share.

“The ride does not require an explanation, just occupancy”
-Waking Life


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