Did you know about the trail in Cheakamus?

The River Bend

One of my most favorite runs in Whistler is located down near Function Junction along the Cheakamus River just a quick 7 minute drive from the Whistler Village. You turn left at the lights in Function and follow the road about 100 meters down. The entrance is on your left, it is a gravel road. You can park your car just over the lower bridge – the trail starts right there.

Ten Reasons I love this jogging/hiking/walking path

  1. The canopy of trees and shrubs that surround you is amazing
  2. The trail is like sponge – today I said one part was like chocolate pudding…not muddy!
  3. The wildflowers are beautiful
  4. The suspension bridge is fun
  5. The trail is safe and well-marked
  6. The trees can cover you from the rain or sun
  7. The sound of the running river
  8. It can be challenging
  9. Variety of hills, both up and down
  10. Everyone always feels great when we finish!

If you have the chance to check out this amazing trail, do yourself a favour – bring some friends and walk it if you’d rather. I was lucky this morning and my two beautiful friends Monique and her sister Lisa joined me – we had a great time – a few laughs – and even shared some interesting news…. our outing was about 40 minutes – 4km – they even put up with my camera! Good luck Monique this weekend in Sayward on Vancouver Island as you do the 25km challenge….


You know we never saw any wild life, but driving back in the village, just past the bus loop on Blackcomb Way we spotted a black bear eating grass… Now my picture is not great – because the bear is wild – and getting out of the car to take a picture – even if the bear is in the village – could cause trouble – resulting in the bear being put down!


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    Monique Says:

    let’s do it again, Heather!! thanks for organizing this beautiful run – I loved it.

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