What is going on in Whistler before 7am?

I woke up this morning to an absolutely gorgeous Whistler day. Put on my running gear, grabbed my camera and headed straight out the door.

What you are about to read is 45 minutes of my adventure running around the north side of Whistler

First thing I saw was two little bunnies…. now it is hard to take a bunnies picture as they spook very easily…. but look close – there are two…

Today I decided to do hills and started up Painted Cliff. Remember it is just after 6:30am

 Just outside ” The Villas” on Blackcomb I ran past three contractors working silently on the gardens, trimming grass, pulling weeds and planting flowers.

Dennis and Leah

The other Dennis is the boss….

Just as I round the bend nearing the top of Painted Cliff – there it is… a big pile, and fresh… I look left then right and keep going a little faster… just in case Mr. Bear is still around.

At the top of hill between Blackcomb Springs and Painted Cliff is a great lookout spot where you can look down over Whistler Village – the Wizard Chair runs parallel to the two developments. (Incredible ski/in – ski/out location)

Wizard Chair on Blackcomb

The run back down the hill is the bonus for running up the hill – this little jot has only taken 12 minutes. I’m now off to Lost Lake from Spearhead;  a mere 2 minutes and I’m there. Cat Smiley has her boot camp going strong along the lake and the municipal workers are busy cutting grass…



It was so nice to see a young family strolling along, two mature gentlemen on bicycles, and the golfers heading up to the driving range for the Fairmont Chateau… everyone seemed happy with the fabulous sunshine, warm and bright… I like how a smile from a stranger can give you that cheery feeling.

 I jogged along the gravel road from Lost Lake towards the village coming out near the Austrian House and up onto Blackcomb Way, before I knew it, I was home…with two little humming birds by my side….

Just 45 minutes and I’m ready to take on the day – refreshed, full of ideas and a genuine feeling of thankfulness to the hard workers that keep our beautiful Whistler in such a glorious state.

Fitzsimmons Creek

Bridge to Lost Lake


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