Bears, Bears, everywhere Bears!


These particular bear pictures were not taken by me, but a friend of mine who actually has many more amazing bear pictures…. Now the point to this is – he is a realtor, not a photographer, he just happened to be in the right place – at the right time, so to speak.


The whole point to this blog post today is last week I tweeted out (whistlerheather – Twitter name) 12 bear shots from my I-Phone all taken at the Fairmont Chateau Whistler Golf Club, plus one video…the next day both the Vancouver Sun and the Globe and Mail ran a similar article, however their pictures were much more fun!!! My friends and business associates engaging in my social marketing ask why I had not posted a blog on the my bear day…. This was my day….

On my drive up Highway 99 I spotted a bear in Lions Bay, the driver next to me gave me a thumbs up, very exciting he saw it too… I was just coming down the hill to Britannia Beach and right on the ridge stood another big black bear eating grass….. Interesting two bears in 30 minutes. Later that day I arrived at Myrtle Philip Community School to pick up my daughter Tashi. The kids were playing down in the field next to helicopter park, their sitting in the field was a huge black bear, once again minding his/her business eating grass….. wow!  That very week local bear researcher Michael Allen had spoken at my daughters grade three class. 

Chateau Golf Club

Later the same day: It is now 5pm and I am home in the Benchlands – I live next to hole#1 at the Chateau Golf Club…. Nice walk out on the course, after hours, and voila…. none stop bear action – 10 Bears! We saw a momma bear with two golden brown cubs, two other bears having a great old-time and several bears just munching on the grass….My shots were not great as I only possessed my I-Phone…. But the excitement for bear scouting this early in the season was simply amazing… I could not believe I had seen thirteen bears in one day… LOL


Get Bear Smart –

Bear Viewing Tours –

I know bears are a wild animal and as such need to be treated with distance and respect… hence my lousy pictures… there is plenty of bear awareness information for tourists and locals, and I highly recommend reading the books and researching on the internet… I was not out looking for bears – it was just an amazing bear day for me and my daughter… Tashi

Running the trails of Whistler

I also run a lot through the trails in Whistler and after spotting so many bears in one day – I am now a little nervous running the trails…. I can honestly tell you that I have not seen one bear in the bush???? I have seen plenty of evidence they are there… but it has been years since I’ve run into a bear on the trail…literally!

The important thing to remember is don’t leave food in your golf cart, or a freshly baked blueberry pie on the counter with the window open, & most importantly clean up garbage around your dwelling. A Garbage Bear is a Dead Bear!

Cheers!  [tweetmeme source=whistlerheather only_single=false]

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